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Ridiculous preseason predictions


I find it fun to go back and see how everyone's minds change about the team as a season goes on. For far too many years the change was from optimistic to down right irate; this year is obviously different.

So I thought it'd be fun to post some preseason predictions that were made here and give credit to the people who nailed some things; and to laugh at how some, at the time, seemingly lofty expectations were shattered by the team (mainly rookies) this year.

I took most of mine from the preseason bold predictions thread, and I've run out of time to grab any more. If anyone feels like hunting for them and posting them, they start around page 23 on the forum :)

Here we go.

RG III beats all rookie records and is offensive POTY
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He beat a lot of records... too many to count. May be ROTY.

Paloffs baby!
I was half joking when I suggested playoffs and I have tried to remain guarded this year but I feel with a competent, mobile QB with a strong arm back there we are going to probably come close to doubling our win total from last year...9 or 10 wins. And that should be close to if not good enough to win the division unless Philly really breaks out like I think they will.

As for the other potential wild card teams, I think the Lions implode and Green Bay and Chicago should be battling it out for the division.

10 wins, was enough to clinch the division, and they are in the playoffs. Good call El!

The Redskins have not scored 40 or more points in a regular season game since the 52-17 beat down of the 49ers back in 2005.

They will score 40 or more points in a regular season game this year.

And they'll do it twice. :)

They scored 40 - but only once.
But they did score 38 three times, and if Hall doesn't take a knee on the onsides kick on Thanksgiving they would have been over 40 twice. So I think you deserve credit :)

I'm seeing a theme with the number 25. RGIII scores at least 25 TDs, Kerrigan becomes the NFL's first 25 sack guy (somebody's gonna do it, why not our guy?), and we average 25 points per game.

Griffin scored 27 TD's.
The redskins averaged 27.25 points per game
2 out of 3 isn't bad :)


we sweep the Boys, Gints and Iggles.
Close... very, very close. Swept Eagles and Cowboys, 5 points on the road away from sweeping the Giants.

1. FedEx finally becomes a place that isn't friendly for the opposition. Redskins finish with a 6-2 home record.

2. Graham Gano is perfect from within 45 yards this season on field goal attempts.

3. Redskins lead the league in scoring percentage from inside the redzone this season.

5-3 at home.
According to teamrankings.com they finished 4th with 60%, first place was New England with 70%. Given how dreadful the redskins were in the red zone over the last 10 years, I think that's a pretty close prediction :)

As for my bold predictions:

-Skins will go 5-1 in the division

-Skins will have double-digit wins

-Skins will have a top 10 offense and a top 10 defense

-Skins will have 7 combined TDs from special teams and defense

-Skins wrap up a playoff spot by week 14
Half check

The other 2 were close :)

Griffin outperforms at least one of the other 'star' quarterbacks in the NFC East during the 2012 season and Washington's offense moves up from the 20's to the top 10-12 by the end of the year.
How about he out performs all 3?

Fred Davis not only avoids the reefer (and suspension), but he has a breakout year with 15TDs and 1100 yards. (earlier prediction)

With Helu & Royster hampered by injuries, Alfred Morris goes over 1000 yards rushing for the season and adds 10TDs.

RG3 doesn't commit a turnover until week 8.

Pierre Garçon is a top-5 WR this season, going over 1200 yards.

Brian Orakpo actually draws more than one holding penalty.
Morris certainly went over 1000 yards and had 13 TD's

While Griffin threw an interception in the 2nd week, the general meaning behind your prediction held true - he's master at protecting the ball. 5 Interceptions all year and I think 3 of them were ones that were tipped by the receiver into the air...

Garcon had half those yards but was out for half the year... I have a feeling you would have been close, if not right, had he not be injured :(
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Props, I honestly thought the defence was gonna screw any chance at the playoffs, and I figured Morris would be backing up helu who had earned the starting spot. I also figured Rg3 would have more of a learning curve as the shannahans hadnt shown the ability to adjust their system to the qb in washington yet.

Never been so glad to be wrong.

Lanky, sometimes you are an asshat, but I gotta give you some props here. well done.
The more predictions I read the more I realize I was the only idiot that thought our defense would be any good :(
All the years of disappointment led me to succumb to bitter pessimism leading into this season. This year's success has certainly helped in brightening my predictions for next year.

Not to mention the preseason predictions for next year... Holy cow! I foresee many predicting Superbowl for the Skins regardless of what we do in the playoffs this season.
Lanky, sometimes you are an asshat, but I gotta give you some props here. well done.

First of all.... he's always an asshat! :2thumbsup:

Secondly he's just a straight up FAU homer so if you're gonna give him credit just give him credit for his homerism.

You were kinda right about the whole RG3 thing though????

Seriously, who here actually thought any of the bold predictions, which are supposed to be absurd and near impossible, would not only come true, but come true in so many cases? We all look like football geniuses :D

Mike, I'm still holding out hope that your annual 19-0 prediction will come true one day :laugh:
First of all.... he's always an asshat! :2thumbsup:

Secondly he's just a straight up FAU homer so if you're gonna give him credit just give him credit for his homerism.

You were kinda right about the whole RG3 thing though????


lmao, I have admitted I was wrong about rg3, its rare, but I have been wrong once or twice, just never in such a fashion, ALL the signs pointed towards fail, all the little details, but RG3 not only beat the odds, he literally exploded every single stereotype on the way to doing it.

Big 12 qb's? he is the first one to play well right off the hop so he smashed that.
leadership and awareness shown by a black qb? ditto
athletic qb cant throw accurately?- done
Black qbs never being good until the end of their career?- exploded
athletes playing qb put up stats but not wins?- done
and so many more. By the time he is done, he will have changed the expectations of Qb's and whats possible.

simply put, we got a gem, this kid works hard, something that superlative athletes rarely do, but he also works hard mentally. He has shown character, he has shown all the things you cant measure with stats, and frankly I will be an RG3 fan until I die.
woah, what? Warren Moon was a damn fine guy on and off the field and a brilliant QB. Randall Cunningham may not have been the best QB but he never got in trouble off the field and was a great leader on some pretty bad Iggles teams.

yeah, warren moon strikes me as a guy who went against those stereo types. but I was little and barely remember him.

I do remember him being one of the few qb's I liked that wasn't a redskin though.
absolutely, but its rare that a guy shows both leadership and awareness, Moon was the prototype but since moon who else has shown both of those skills? until Rg3, they always showed one or the other but never both in any huge quantity. Now Rg3 has come along and exploded that too.

(btw Moon is probably my all time favourite player, I got to meet him several times as a kid when he played in Edmonton but he took some time to develop in Canada, thats why I say Rg3 is such an anomaly and game changer)

There have been black qbs who showed leadership, Moon and Mcnair come to mind,but really Warren was the only one who showed huge amounts of both until RG3 because Mcnair simply wasnt that good. Newton showed awareness his rookie year but no leadership. Cunningham developed into a QB near the end of his career, had he had better coaching early on we wouldnt be having this convo probably.
Thanks tshile! That was fun to go back and read those. I was thinking last week about predictions and how they differed from what actually happened, but have not had a chance to go back and look at everyone's.
Lanky, sometimes you are an asshat, but I gotta give you some props here. well done.

First of all.... he's always an asshat! :2thumbsup:

Secondly he's just a straight up FAU homer so if you're gonna give him credit just give him credit for his homerism.

Har har. Although, I admitted I watched zero seconds of Morris at FAU. I'm not really an FAU homer, just have a little bit of college pride! I actually have watched one FAU game in 3 years; they played Michigan State on a Tuesday night on ESPN a few years ago, and Javon Ringer put up like a zillion yards.

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