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Report: Kyle ready to move on from father

Lanky Livingston

Looks like Kyle is going to try and make a lateral move and be an OC elsewhere, to escape the "stigma" of nepotism.

Also of interest, the report that Griffin has told teammates he thinks he'll be playing for a new head coach in 2014.

The fact that all this drama is occurring is an indictment of the culture at Redskins Park.

Kyle Shanahan decides he can't work alongside dad - NFL.com

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This team needs a huge dose of this:

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Is anyone surprised that even Kyle has had enough of the chaos around the team?
Dang, a lot of weird stuff around Kyle.

Suddenly, I feel clueless. Same feeling as last week - and the week before and so on...
Yeah, a lot of talk on the pregames that Shanny will stay here with Kyle moving on.
Sonny says that Mike and Dan get along great and may try to work out things looking forward.

IMHO... don't think anyone knows squat about this stuff.
And the unraveling continues.

So....this offseason appears to be shaping up into a "start from scratch" scenario staff-wise.

I wonder how Rams fans felt the year before things clicked with Vermeil?
I have zero problem with the benching of RG3. I would have liked it a lot more had Mike come out and said RG3 is playing like crap. We're going to give the other guy a shot. Take the kid gloves off with this kid already...
I wonder how Rams fans felt the year before things clicked with Vermeil?

Good point... how about the Chargers for giving up on Brees? They refused to trust him, drafted Rivers, moved on from him, gave up on him.... Charger have been ayight, but with Brees and those draft picks...... hmm
Kyle thought John Beck was worthy of being a first round pick.

The guy did a decent job in Houston of scheming things up for an offense that had a pro bowl qb, pro bowl WR and 1,000 yard backs.


Now let's see if he can succeed where the coach is not his father or one of his father's best friends (Kubiak).
It's hard to know what to believe any more. A report one day, contradicts a report the next. Most of the reports come from "anonymous" sources, which could be people with axes to grind in the organization, or people just talking out of their butt. It could also be strategically leaked information. Who knows.

As far as Kyle, I wouldn't blame him for wanting to get away from his dad. Whether it's true or not, he will always be looked down on by people thinking he is only their because of his dad. He may or may not deserve the criticism. I did laugh at all the people saying that if he wasn't Mike's son he would have been fired, but Hasslett and Burns still had jobs and coached worse units. Kyle could be thee source of all the problems, or maybe he is just tired of it. Again, who knows. I hope he does walk away to either get rid of the problem or strip away one more layer to hiding the real problem.
This is one of the reasons you don't bring the family angle into the equation in the first place.

Evidence that Shanahan was acting like a Dad and not as the GM of a pro sports team.

When Beathard hired Gibbs he would have never allowed him to bring in his brother as a coordinator, etc.

It is an inherent conflict of interest.

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