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Remember When Ryman Said The Oline Sucked And People Argued With Him?

It is done.


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Apr 1, 2011
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Virginia Beach, VA


If you don't he'll tell you all about it, just as......oh wait, nevermind.

Just poking fun to lighten the mood. Jeez, you guys are off the hinges like you thought we were contenders :laugh:

**SPOILER ALERT** We have a good shot at losing 5 of our final 7 games. So calm down. It sucks, but after how this season's gone so far, if some of you guys didn't see this coming, you're kidding yourselves.

Now, instead of getting mad about the losses, get happy about the wins and enjoy them when they come. We've been through worse, we'll get through this too. At least we aren't dealing with the problems those teams in Florida are dealing with. You know, silver lining and all.

Going to bed miserable and mad never did anybody a bit of good. It's just football, and we've been bad forever. Now unbunch your panties and sleep it off. Oh Lanky, I hope you're drunk. I've never actually seen you lose your mind before like you have tonight. It makes for good entertainment, but if you're drunk I have a feeling you might be a little embarassed when you read through your posts in the morning.

Good night ladies :D

Miles Monroe

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Jul 15, 2009
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If ya don't want to see or hear it, don't click on threads he's started. Pretty simple actually.

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