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Redskins sign Billy Cundiff

Lanky Livingston

Redskins sign Billy Cundiff, release Gano

Well, for those of you who were aching for more competition for Gano, now you have it. According to Adam Schefter on twitter, the Redskins have signed former Ravens kicker Billy Cundiff.

You know, the same Billy Cundiff who SHANKED A 32 YARD FIELD GOAL IN THE PLAYOFFS to send the Evil Empire back to the Superbowl...that guy. Oh, and he used to kick for the Cowboys...strike two!

Personally, I'd rather have Gano...and I'll be hoping he beats out this joker. What surprises me is letting go of Rackers already. They'd barely had any kind of competition! Rackers missed what, a 50+ yarder? And that's it? Strange...

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i'd rather have gano too.
he's going into his 3rd year. i'd hate to go through all the trouble of training him and dealing with his misses to see him go somewhere else and start making them.
It's moves like this that make me wonder if Shanallen are high on crack.

I've been as down on Gano as anyone, but this would be a move backwards, IMO.

Spock can find no logic in this move. Why now? What purpose? Are they trying to rattle Gano?

If Gano fails Wednesday, both he and Cundiff would be cut, and Rackers, if not already picked up somewhere else, would be resigned.

It has to be crack. Right?
Why don't we wait until we actually know something--anything--about why they did this before concluding it's drugs? ;)

What if Gano tweaked his hammy in practice yesterday and they need someone to kick tomorrow night?

What if Cundiff can also return kicks, so now they can release Banks AND keep A. Robinson?

What if there isn't any other intelligence in the whole damn universe and we really are alone?

Could be anything.
Reports are that Gano has been released.

Cundiff was 1-9 from beyond 50 last year. Hate this move if true.
In the spirit of OM's post, IF we released Gano to sign Cundiff, I really hate this move. Am trying to reserve judgment until we get confirmation, but am gearing up for some bile.
To quote the great James Cariello: "Rackers ****s on both of these guys."

Man...a day after pulling off a coup for a 7th-rnd pick for a guy we were going to release, the Redskins go and do something like this. Billy Cundiff? Over Rackers?

"Best move ever!" -Vinny Cerrato

Report: Redskins sign kicker Cundiff, release Gano
It appears that it was premature for Graham Gano to celebrate winning the Redskins kicking job.

The Redskins have signed former Ravens kicker Billy Cundiff, according to a report by Adam Schefter of ESPN.

And according to ESPN 980, Gano has been released to make room for Cundiff. The radio station cites a text sent to a reporter by Gano.

The 32-year-old Cundiff also has kicked for the Cowboys, Saints, and Browns. With Baltimore last year he was good on 28 of 37 field goals (75.7 percent).

His last kick, however, was his worst. He had a 32-yard attempt to send the AFC championship game against the Patriots into overtime but he missed the kick as time expired.

I am lost on this, IF we released Gano as well. WTF was the point of having a kicking competition if they were both going to lose?
Seems to me that a kicker's "last kick" always seems to set the tone for the rest of his career. Remember Vanderjagoff's last kick? He was never the same after that. A kicker's confidence is huge...we'll see if Cundiff has any left.

My bet: Redskins fans will be cursing Cundiff by week 3.
Why cut Gano this morning? Why not let them compete for a week?

Not liking this at all.

1-9 from beyond 50? Crazy.
There is this:

Past 2 years, 53.8 pct of Cundiff's KOs have been touchbacks. Gano, 27.8 percent. via @Graziano.

Coupled with the fact that Rackers wasn't getting the ball into the endzone on kickoffs, maybe they are trying to eliminate Danny Smith's awulf coverage teams?
Maybe Gano failed an illegal drug, or PED test, and a suspension is forthcoming.

Lord knows he could use the PED's.
And of course, Gano never, ever cost the Redskins a win by missing FGs.
Graziano does a pretty good job of framing the issue...


...ut kicker is really an eye-of-the-beholder thing, and Mike Shanahan must see something in Cundiff that he likes. Cundiff was a Pro Bowler in 2010, when he hit 89.7 percent of his field goals. And over the past two years, he's 53-of-59 on field goals of less than 50 yards and leads the NFL in touchbacks. Last year, he was 28-for-37 on field goals -- a more pedestrian 75.7 percent that compares closely with Gano's 75.6 and with Cundiff's career percentage of 76.7. But Cundiff was 1-for-6 from beyond 50 yards while Gano was 4-for-6 from that distance.
Cundiff did also, of course, famously miss a 32-yard field goal that would have tied last year's AFC Championship Game and sent the Ravens to overtime against the Patriots for a chance to go to the Super Bowl.

So what to make of this? Cundiff is more reliable inside the 50, which matters more than the ability to boom the occasional 50-yarder. But the main difference is on kickoffs, where 83 of Cundiff's 154 kicks (53.8 percent) have resulted in touchbacks over the last two years while just 40 of Gano's 144 (27.8 percent) have done the same. That's the part that matters most to coaches, who know kickers are eventually going to break their hearts on field goals but really want them to deliver in terms of field position. That's got to be the main reason Cundiff is the Redskins' new kicker while Rackers and Gano are looking for work.
Cundiff has played for 9 different teams in 9 seasons...yeah, that's the sign of a FANTASTIC kicker!
i always feared we'd be gano's training ground and he'd go somewhere else and boot kicks for 10 years with great success.

i'm just hoping the coaches know more than me on this one.

edit: it's also possible the coaching staff thinks all those blocked kicks were gano's fault, but didn't want to publicly humiliate him by placing all the blame on him. easier to just say it was the fault of the 'line'.

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