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Redskins Recon - The Lions Come to Washington

Washington Taylor beat Panthers


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Jun 30, 2009
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Raleigh, NC


O.K. Redskins fans here's what you've been waiting for.

Somebody is afraid of us. I know what you're thinking, after the not-so-inspiring 0-2 start the Skins
have had who could possibly be afraid of us.?

Some Lions fans seem to be.

Man would I love to see my lions win but how many out there feel RG3 will out run and out pass the lions. what I saw last week from this team I'am worried!!!

Im not worried about our Defense Im worried about our Offense !!!

This game is so predictable!...Lions will start off strong and then end up losing in the fourth quarter. (same
ole Lions) :0( Mark my words!

RG3 better start performing...there is a lot of talk about him getting benched in favor of Cousins if he doesnt pick it up. They are afraid to run him and Cousins fits the pass offense better.

Cousins fit's nothing better...lol.

RG3 has no problem being a pocket passer, he has a very accurate arm and reads the field well. He is rusty period getting used to a reconstructed knee. This is still his pre-season and he has gotten more comfortable all along so far. Cousins won't see any game action unless RG3 get's injured again or there is a blowout :)

Some aren't quite as scared of the Redskins.

RVA Lion
If we are to ever win in Washington, this is the week to do it. Washington is not a good team when RG3 is gimped and their secondary makes that of the 2011 Lions look good.

That said, DC will be playing for the season and we all know the Lions have never won at Washington.

froot loops
Yeah you keep on saying that. Maybe you don't remember the 90s, a couple of times the Lions went in with a good team and lost to medicre or bad team in Washington.

And some show a supreme lack of confidence in the Lions chances

I mean one Lions fan board has a thread titled "No way we beat Washington."

Not everyone was in agreement however.

Reggie will be out and will be replaced by Leshoure. LeShoure will score an early TD but then gets kicked out of the game by celebrating by smokin a doobie. Fairley will not play and SUH is ejected in the 1st quarter after
giving the ref a dirty look.

The Redskins have played two games this year, both games they got stomped in until the winning team turned off the jets (remind you of any team from last year?) We lost last week to a good Arizona team, but keep in mind the run of good fortune they had in that game. Fairley didn


Lanky Livingston

Lions fans still have the 0-16 mentality, from years of Matt Millen (seriously, how did he last so long?) And terrible play. This will be a close game, down to the last snap.


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Apr 11, 2009
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Montclair, VA

Virginia Tech

Amazing what a history of suckness will do to a fan base.

Based on observation of the 2 teams in 2013, it would seem Detroit fans would be feeling pretty good about Sunday. Redskins fans are certainly approaching it with trepidation--2 bad losses in a row will knock the wind out of the collective sail fast.

The idea of Calvin Johnson feasting on our secondary is certainly enough to make US squirm--particuarly given Bob hasn't started being Bob yet. But it's apparently not enough to overcome a couple of generations of general suckitude in Detroit ... layered on top of that whole "never won in Washington" dynamic.

Well, here's to the gridiron gods will favoring history once again.


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Aug 1, 2009
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Florida State

I have a very bad feeling this is going to be the first victory in history for the Lions in DC ...


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Mar 30, 2010
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Florida State

I have a very bad feeling this is going to be the first victory in history for the Lions in DC ...
Everyone seems to be picking us by one to three points.

Their starting RB appears to be out, and we're at home. We should be able to win this.

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