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Redskins Recon: The Great Cap Space Caper-conversation in a Giants forum


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Jun 30, 2009
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I was asked to peruse forums and see what was being said about the current Redskins/Cowboys cap space removal threat from the NFL. I decided to do...

Thanks for doing this Serv. I am endlessly fascinated with this topic. The reason the NFL dumped this on us 24 hours before FA, I think, was their correct assumption that this whole problem would be ignored by the majority of the league fans because of FA. Correct supposition, as it turns out.

As a side note, I feel dirty being on the same side of thing as a Cowboys fan. Blerg.
well....sent an e-mail to my Congressman vis NFL collusion
Congressmen don't enforce laws, they just create them, so I'm not sure how they'd be the perfect person to contact about an existing law. Wouldn't the state or federal Attorney General's office be more appropriate ?
Congress seems to excel at trying to do the job of the Executive Branch at the moment. They just love a good inquisition...er....hearing. Yeah, hearing. That's the ticket.
An FYI, in case you my be interested in why I chose one thread rather than a smattering of posts from several forums, the FA frenzy engulfing the league has shoved the cap space theft (yeah, my term) and Bountygate(remember that?) to the back pages of most forums. There aren't very many in depth conversations about it out there-most are just news updates with a few "Oh goody the 'Boys and 'Skins get screwed" snarky comments thrown in. Others contain a bit of anti-Goodell sentiment but that comes as no surprise to me.
This still makes my blood boil...I'm going to have to stop reading about this crap before I drop dead from hypertension! ARRRRGGGHHHH!!!
Thanks for sharing Serv. I was pretty sure we were getting schtupped on this deal but wasn't exactly sure how. The Yahoo article linked to in their thread explained it quite well. Hopefully Snyder really is willing to go nuclear on this.

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