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Redskins Recon - The Giants-Mirror, Mirror on the wall


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Jun 30, 2009
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Raleigh, NC


Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's fans are the most disappointed and pissed-off of all?

Sunday Primetime-the 4-7 Giants and the 3-8 Redskins. Two teams whose fans are looking forward to the offseason because the teams have
underachieved so badly the fans can't talk about anything else with any enthusiasm at all.

This is what I ran into doing this Recon. Giants fans are about as angry, disappointed, and ready to clean house as Redskins fans are-and
that's dominating the fan boards.

A few of the thread titles I saw will give you some idea.

"This Team Needs to be Gutted"

"This is why Coughlin has to go"

Even Kevin Gilbride, the Giants OC has come under fire.

"Tom Coughlin Is Not The Problem Its Kevin Gilbride"

So has Eli.

"Time To Prove Eli Manning's Status Still Warranted"

This thread title alone amazed me.


The consensus, by the way was "Hell No!". Tony's rep is acknowledged by everybody, it seems

Comments were as you might expect given the circumstances.

Some of the Giants fan's comments are eerily familiar.

Dave in N.Westchester

If it was CLEARLY the players, OR coaching OR management, it would be an easier fix. Its hard to say which of the three is most responsible.

That's why I don't see a quick easy fix either. Organizations go in periods of ebb and flow. We have had a wonderfull decade long run, which

followed 13 years of mostly "meh" football (97 and 2000 the exceptions). we are "probably" moving into another period of at best mediocrity. I

lived through the 60's and 70's. this isn't half that bad.


I haven't felt this ****** as a Giants fan in a while, not even at 0-6. This team is a disgrace. The disgusting part is they're improving but

their improvement is hopeless for this season and all the better they look win or lose is all the more likely these coaches will be back.

Management needs to step in and do something about the coordinators.

Was there actual talk about the upcoming game? Well, yes, but not much and most of it was kind of oblique and delivered with little enthusiasm.


Battle of the basement dwellers


Being as it's the Giants, The Skins will be all fired up & RG3 will probably have his best game of the yr against us.

Vegas Steve

The only games remaining on the schedule with a team as bad as we are is the skins (we could win both but as usually we will be out coached or we will beat ourselves.)

All the other teams have real legit QB's and better balanced teams


Now that we are 4-7, Nicks will come and show up every game when its pointless. What a bum


With that Offensive Line, it doesn't matter who they put at QB, they are AWFUL! Some of is cry about our Offensive Line, if you watch

Washington Offensive Line you will appreciate our Offensive Line even more they are AWFUL! I understand why the ref called Trent Williams

"Garbage ***" lol

But with our team something tells me it won't be easy as it should be, just our luck RG3 gets hot and goes off and his Offensive Line finally

decides to start blocking better against us SMH...

There is always at least one unrelenting optimist.


No. NY Giants still have a chance and lets go out and beat Wasington Redskins as well as the rest of our games.

One Game At A Time.

I bELIeve.

After some digging I did find one in-depth analysis of the Redskins from a Giant's perspective done by a Giant's blogger.

Giants.com's Michael Eisen breaks down the team's Week 13 opponent




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