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Redskins Recon - The 49ers-Seeds of Doubt



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Jun 30, 2009
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Raleigh, NC


Nothing like a team with high hopes going on a skid to bring out doubts and uncertainties. 49ers fans are not as sure about Monday night's game

as they might have been, say, three or four weeks ago.

Their suddenly sputtering offense has brought some questions-a few of which are uncomfortably familiar to Redskins fans

Sometimes, though you find surprises.

I ran across a perspective I haven't seen anywhere else in kind of a "WTF?" post.


I've changed my prediction:

Skins 21
49ers 20

The NFL will definitely rig this one to keep the Skins in the playoffs, and Goodell's money-making slave RGIII in the NFC East commercial hunt.



Originally posted by FredFlintstone:
I swear if we lose to this sorry ass skins team I'm gonna lose it. This is a game we should win handily with strong defense and since we can't

pass for s**t even against a sorry skins secondary we should run up and down on them. Losing to a 3-7 team is totally unacceptable

going to their house, across the country on a s**tty playing surface on national tv i can tell you right now we wont be blowing them out. we

can certainly win but we're talking a bout a 10 point win max in my mind.


In 2011 we had about 20,000 niner fans at the game here in DC, I'm expecting the same on Monday night.
The niners will win big, 41-13 . . .


17-13 Niners


The Redskins lockerroom turmoil hasn't gone unnoticed either.


RG3 kinda threw Shanahan under the bus saying Eagles defense knew what was coming and coach returned the favor. Then Santana Moss threw RG3

under the bus on something else. Redskins locker room turmoil coming together at the right time.


Originally posted by iluvdemniners:
rg3 is the most over rated qb in the league

More than Kap? I would argue your opinion.

This will be yet another loss unfortunately. Hostile territory.


Hostile territory and RG3 can get hot. Another tough game, IMO.

I found this post poignantly insightful.


Two of the most physically talented qb of last year, yet it will come down to who sucks more this Monday


Redskins are a joke no way we lose this game.

Skins can put up points. Gonna need this crap offense to score


They r a joke but the way kaep and co have been playing all year, yes even in wins (cept GB, which seems like eons ago) this is gonna be a

tough game. Fortunately we should be able to run on them. The same might be said about them tho too :(


Originally posted by BobS:
The Redskin defense is beyond horrible, our issues on offense should be non existent Monday Night. This one better not even be close.

you are in for a shock then because our passing offense will once again look mediocre. it's not about how good or bad the others teams

defense is, it's about how bad our passing offense is. i would say it is pretty easiliy the worst passing offense in the league and i'm not sure

there is another team that comes close. i've watched a couple jags games this year and their passing offense looks more competent than ours

anyways we are in for a dog fight. redskins will stack the box to stop the run and kap will be helpless to do anything about it. expect another

100-150 yard passing game. i still think we will win the game but it will be close and if we don't get that one play or two in our favor late

(like we HAVENT gotten against the panthers and saints) then we are headed to 6-5


Kap has to start using his legs again no matter what the coaching staff thinks of him as a pocket passer. There have been a few instances

where I felt as if he could pick up big chunks of yards if he had just took off with the ball, but instead he waited too long and ended up

throwing it away.

I see the Niners winning this one but the Redskins won't make it easy on them. They are playing for their playoff lives at home on Primetime.

49ers 27
Redskins 20



Originally posted by Jcool:
Matt Barrows ‏@mattbarrows

Source: #49ers left guard Mike Iupati suffered a sprained left MCL. Prognosis uncertain at this point. Likely to miss Sunday's game v. WASH.

about as good as the news could be. depending on degree of sprain, this is usually a 2-4 weeker.

Damn. Now we get to insert the human turnstyle known as Adam Snyder. This should help our weak passing attack.....BLAH!!>!>!>1

Hmmm...Mr Snyder meet Mr. Polumbus?


Originally posted by SnakePlissken:
Not worried about Iupati, if there was ever a time this s**t could happen, better it happens now over our stretch of s**t games. -Washington

can't rush, can't stop the run, they'll make Snyder look like a Pro Bowler.

they'll make our entire o-line look like high school players

When I read this one, especially the line about wanting to run more quick slants my thought was, "Damn replace Kaep's name with Griff's and

you've got a BGO post."


Many of you guys are saying Kaep needs to learn to read defenses, and you're on the money. I think the first step for him is to stop taking

so damn long to get ready to hike the ball! By the time the OL are set and receivers are in position, there's no more than 10 secs left on the

playclock, it's hideous to watch. They need to speed it up. No one wants to constantly quick hike, not even in madden cause jamming X often

leads to mistakes, so the first thing is Kaep needs to get everyone on the line right when the huddle breaks. Secondly, I don't know if it's our

playcalling, if it's Kaep's inability to read D's or read them correctly, or if the dice aren't rolling in our favor, but we need to run more

plays like the quick slant. ALTHOUGH he did get picked off, these kinds of plays, that DON'T take long to develop, will get us in rhythm.

Obviously, the pressure NO brought was going to eat any 5-step drops or plays that required Kaep to take multiple steps back. I DID like the run

plays we ran, but NO gets their due credit. Usually when you keep pounding it, it's supposed to lead to big runs and also tire out the defense,

they held up.

We will win this game, by at least 10 I believe.
Once SEA rolls around, we NEED to have quicker plays ready to execute, they will cause defenses to hesitate to bring pressure and they can lead

to big plays (A.K.A Manningham slant) because the D is gambling next to the LOS. If they start to work and the D becomes disciplined and forces

us to make a play instead of gambling, THEN we use our homerun plays. We can't just expect to come out and take over a game, doesn't work like

that. We got the Gore part right, and hopefully we keep feeding him. Now we have to alter our passing game for Kaep so getting in a rhythm won't

be so difficult. If we get into a rhythm against WAS with our passing game, hopefully we can still make adjustments to it instead of thinking

everything is okay just because it worked against them.

If 49ers fans have any better insights than most then it soiunds like we may have a chance to win this one. :)


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