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Redskins Recon: Redskins terror strikes again


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Jun 30, 2009
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It would just figure that the very first thread I looked at on a Giants fan forum would have the title "Any chance we lose to Grossman twice?"...

first...is Razur retarded? I had to read that thing 4 times to get what he was trying to say.

some dude on there hates us SO much he calls himself "Redskinhater" I LOVE getting that far under someone's skin.

Stonedinvestor does in fact sound intelligent as does Denaliman316.

I stuck Razur's comment in because it was so...."interesting." :bucktooth:

I've found that most fan boards have at least couple of guys that seem to be pretty knowledgable but I want to include a fairly representative cross-section of posts in order to give a "feel" for what most of the members are saying.

I do, BTW, deliberately exclude crude, insulting, hater-type posts that don't add anything but are just noise.

I thought including RedskinHater might draw a comment or two. :)
Man, I swear this team is ripe for an upset. I really thought it would be between one of the AFC East teams. We played them close but just couldn't pull it out in the end. And Rex did have some solid outings. I have a feeling we will win out the season or at least 2 of them. I think we are a dangerous team to play right now and I think the Giants are about to find that out this weekend.
It's good to see some respect from the fans of other teams, especially a division rival. Their head coach has offered a bunch of praise this week and that is a huge change from two years ago at this time.

That being said, I think we will still be on the wrong side of the score this week. Another good thing - younger players are gaining a lot of experience and that will be to their benefit in the future. Ditto for the team.
Serv, this is one game that I would LOVE to know how they responded after their loss. If you have time (and if you don't I completely understand), I would love to see some reaction.
Serv, this is one game that I would LOVE to know how they responded after their loss. If you have time (and if you don't I completely understand), I would love to see some reaction.

Goal, it's mayhem over there. I checked and, granted the main Giant fan board is a huge one, there are well over 100 threads in reference to our clobbering them in their house! This is obviously too many to go through but I did snoop around some and the thread titles alone tell a lot of what's going on in Giants fan land.

Here are a few of the aftermath thread titles witha few posts covering the most prevalent sentiments.

There were a lot along these lines:

""Memo to Mara from the FANS: FIRE FEWELL & KILLDRIVE"


"Gillbride's "game plan" was just bizarre today. No other way to describe it."

"Good luck Fewell, I hear McDonalds is hiring"

"All I want for Christmas"

The OP on this one is a common refrain:
"Dear Santa,
Can you give us a offensive coordinator who believes in running the ball and Steve Spagnolo to take over the defense...And if I am really good, Bill Cowher as head coach. Merry Christmas"

There are many posts wanting Spags back as DC.

"It all starts at the top JR picked the roster and TC picked the coordinators"

""Breaking NEWS! Defense is incapable of stopping anyone on 3rd down"

Occasional sarcasm:

"On the bright side, the D did force two punts today"

The occasional backhanded compliment to the Skins.

"Breaking NEWS! Redskins 3 Man rush defeated our entire O-line! "

"Our Defense and tackling"
OP-"Besides Webster our Secondary cant cover thats a fact. But the tackling ? come on. Rolle, Ross, Grant and even KP have had numerous missed tackles. I mean as a safety aren't you the last line of defense.

Did anyone notice the hitting the skins layed on us ? How come they can tackle and we cant ? Thats a mystery to me.

Does anyone know ?"

"What player has been the biggest disappointment for the Giants this year?"

This post in that thread covers most of the general sentiment currently.

"No one, only Eli and JPP play on this team."

Rolle, Tuck,Grant, Nakamura, you name 'em they're getting raked over the coals.

Nope, it's not a happy place. :)
Ah, but now I am happy. This made my morning, thank you Serv. As always awesome work.
I went over there Sunday night and watched some of the mayhem unfold. It felt a lot like the final days of Zorn in DC. The difference here is that they can still win the division.

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