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Redskins Recon - Redskins Recon-On to Oakland


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Jun 30, 2009
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There aren't a ton of posts by Raiders fans about the Redskins game-mainly because there aren't a ton of Raiders fan boards out there.

Kinda surprised and not surprised by that.

They, like everyone else however, have been watching the Skins and have noticed our, ahem, lack of success.

Some of the posts sound like they're surprised at that.

Some of them are licking their chops at it too.

I really believe we can make the Skins 0-4. I also would like to see us get our first interception from RGIII. He has been throwing a few and its time for us to get one maybe more. My prediction is Jenkins gets the first this Sunday. Please tackle better and Go Raiders!!!!!!

Defense has to be smart, we have to have someone as a spy on RG3 often. I think we need to stuff the run and get to RG3 early to rock him.

This is a winnable game. Not saying we will win but we can. This one we need to be able to run the ball. It's nice to do in every game but we can control this game by controlling the clock. The only real weapons they have are garçon and rg3. Not scared of their running backs or other receiver. Lets get to 2-2

Not scared of the Redskins at all. Force RG3 to throw the ball. He's throwing into tight coverages this season. Hasn't been able to get going with the read option, and their wideouts aren't anything special. I'm expecting us to win on Sunday. Redskins D will know how to defend Pryor in the running game, but their passing D is shocking.

Raiders 26
Redskins 14

Some were a bit more circumspect.

RG3 didn't play a snap in pre-season. The first 3 weeks were his pre-season.
He's starting to look better each week. And they'd be damned to go 0-4 and see us as the game to get back on their feet before their bye.
This won't be an easy win fellas.
Although a lot of their points come in garbage time, we'll have to score at least 24+ on their defense.
Also, our D-Line HAS to pressure, he's not as mobile as last year obviously and makes mistakes under pressure.
If not it'll be a frustrating day.

HC raider fan
RG3 also had to throw a lot because they fell behind early in the game.

We better score early and often if we are going to win. Otherwise they are going to run Morris right at us which is only going to help RG3.

That is my opinion.

this game isn't in the bag and you should never count out a player like RG3. Yeah he's kinda gimpy with the brace on and his knee isn't 100% but he's still a better QB than most out there

Our defense needs to focus on stopping them and keep their mouth shut

That last sentence resonated a bit (You listening DeAngelo?-they do remember you, by the way)

I have no problem with an old wily vet like CWood talking some trash at RG3, he's been around long enough to know what he's doing. Maybe he's trying to bait Griffin to throw at him? He is a helluva QB but so far this season he's looked like a shell of the old RG3. Definitely a good time to be getting him on the schedule compared to last season or down the road when he's 100%.

RG 3 is probably about 75 percent. But maybe 30 percent mentally. His stats are inflated cause of three crappy defenses he faced Lions are the best at 17th, Eagles are 30th, Packers 27th.

I wouldnt be surprised if he gets 250-300 yards but i think we will get a few ints this game, coverage has been good for the most part, just need to get those INTs.

There was some discussion about how the Redskins would/should attack either Pryor or Flynn.

I found this comment on Pryor versus the Redskins painfully accurate.

In my opinion it really comes down to discipline... As a competitor it is very hard to let go of a big play to stick to your assignment, but that is what it takes. When a D-End is told to hold contain, if he breaks containment to go chasing something he "thought he saw" he gets his a$$ chewed in film session. And I'm not talking once... they rewind that sh1t over and over again.

One of the worst problems (conundrums) a defensive coordinator can face with a unit of men is bashing the guy that gets a positive play when he breaks assignment. A sack when he broke containment on Play Action...

The announcers eat that sh1t up too... They say "And Orakpo does a great job of NOT biting on the play action fake." But what they DON'T know is that the coaches WANT HIM TO STICK TO HIS ASSIGNMENT. NEVER BREAK IT.

Team's that live on big plays but are frequent offenders of broken assignments are the same teams that are of the worst in the league in holding on 3rd down conversions, giving up plays of plus 20 and plus 40 yards.

In the end... it's gonna kill ya...

Pryor? Forces broken assignments.

All three responses allude to preapring for Pryor only because he runs well...

I think this is an egregious over-simplification of the TRUE scenario.

If you have played football, more goes into "prep-work" than simple "is it a run, a pass or a QB scramble."

It is about HOW a QB can force you out of your game-plan and put your team in disarray. Pryor is hitting targets. Period... 3 weeks worth of it. The fact that Bryce Butler dropped a critical pass and Denarius Moore couldn't catch a cold in week 2 doesn't put the proof on paper...

Pryor IS beating defenses... Forget with his arm vs. legs... he's proving tough to handle because of his GAME. OVERALL....

For example of what I mean... When a team is preparing for a game, they might tell DeAngelo Hall... "Stay on your man in the flat for zone coverage.... NO MATTER WHAT... QB is NOT your responsibility. If you break off of your man and tackle the QB in the backfield, you might have made a play that looks good on paper, but you FAILED to stick to your assignment and got LUCKY." This is the type of sh1t they say to "prepare"...

Well... Come game time, we all know that MeAngelo doesn't like to look like a chump, so he panders to the camera and fans in the stadium and leaves his man. A wide open WR down the sideline for 35., 25 of it after the catch....

My point is that Pryor has people on their heels. He gets them there in a more savvy way than simply saying "Prepare for his legs"...

Yes but you're also overlooking other important plays when TP throws high and his receivers bail him out of some risky throws.. You criticize Moore for dropping the pass but when he turned a 15 yard grab into a 80 yard TD you neglect to mention that. TP is doing better at delivering the ball last week showed that. He had a great back shoulder throw, a couple others as well, one nice one that he threw while on the run. But he's getting bailed out just as much as they're dropping passes. But at the end of the day no one game plans for TP because of his throwing ability. It's purely because of his mobility. Jacksonville tried to play a balanced game and contain Pryor DMC had a breakout game. Denver showed that last week, stack the line and make TP win it through the air. Yes he posted good numbers, but ultimately DMC couldn't run and he couldn't run and we lost.

The blueprint is there, Redskins will copy it: Take away our run, sure concede something over the air, however, stick a fork in us; we're done.

Comments about Flynn possibly starting went in a different direction.

Was thinking the same thing. Shouldn't their D be used to containing a mobile QB being that they practice against RG3 daily? I don't think Flynn strikes fear into any opponents with his limited skill set at this point. A career backup that can't win a starting job anywhere he's been is like blood in the water for a shark. With Washington sitting at 0-3 and needing a win bad this is a dangerous game for us, especially with an immobile dead arm QB under center. Orakpo and Kerrigan are licking their lips in anticipation of the upcoming feast if Flynn starts. I'm dreading the possibility of having to watch him as our QB this week.

I think we can beat them even with Flynn behind center. The protection for Pryor was there, so if our guys can hold that pocket for Flynn like they can for Pryor (better if possible...), he would have time to throw. The main issue will be the timing and rhythm he has with our receivers so I don't expect him to throw long bombs, my guess is we'll be chipping away small pieces at the time and our run has to get us going more than in any of our previous games, it's a must.

So the recipe would be: Run heavy - chip away, and let our D do it's thing.

Concerning the apparent controversy among Raiders fans between Terrelle Pryor and Matt Flynn at QB one blog is conducting a
poll asking wich one fans think will give them the best chance against the Redskins. As of 10PM Tursday this is the result

Attachment 861

This last is an interesting post by Outlaw.

I love the post by the NFL Network. Should the skins start Cousins over RGIII it seems we're not the only team that they like to stir the pot and create controversy..

Uh, yeah...I guess.​

Great work as always, Serv. Raiders fans seem to be a fairly level-headed bunch. Pryor scares me in this game, as does Denarius Moore. He's the type of streaky game-breaker that could eat our pass D alive...

Not to mention I don't know about you, but our tackling could make DMac look like he's feeling 22...
Ive heard hes out with a concussion and flynn is in.

Made me think of Brian's man crush he had on him

Pryor had limited participation in practice on Thursday, and was officially listed as 'questionable' on Friday. I still think it's likely he plays, but we'll see. Pryor doesn't scare me. He's really a very poor passing QB. Ryan would be less desirable as far as I'm concerned, only because who knows how he might perform?
NFL.com is reporting Pryor passed all league concussion tests. He's most likely gonna start.
I have no doubt the Skins will beat Oakland in a convincing manner....they are still a mess even bigger then the one we have:pint:
I have no doubt the Skins will beat Oakland in a convincing manner....they are still a mess even bigger then the one we have:pint:

Listen to this man. For he knows of that which he speaketh of.
For he is our very own secret agent, residing right inside Raider-Land.
Behind enemy lines. A true Human Recon.
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I dunno. He lost out to Pryor in a QB competition, the same guy that has questionable accuracy.
Any QB has the potential to throw 6 TDs against our secondary, however without the threat of the run, the D can pin its ears back and attack. This is good news. The Raiders don't have great WRs...but Denarius Moore is a must start, lol.
Seems like a lot of reasonable comments by those Raiders fans, but I hope the ones that think we will win will come to fruition. We need a win so bad, especially before the bye.

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