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Redskins play musical chairs


Did Pete Kendall take a dump in danny's platform shoes, or what? Isn't Runyun still around?


Samuels' injury forces offensive line reshuffle

ASHBURN – The Redskins' offense needs changes, which is why a consultant arrived in town last week. This sort of change isn't what they had in mind; and it can't be good for the future.
Wow... Losing Samuels was frankly my worst fear for this line. Nowhere to run now.
bringing back Kendall or signing Runyan would be evidence the front office did a poor job of evaluating Chad Rinehart and Mike Williams.

remember that this organization would rather lose than admit it made a mistake.

I think the Redskins made the right decision at the time to release Kendall and not sign a guy like Runyan that has had chronic injury problems............... BUT

that opinion was based on the supposition that the team did its due diligence in bringing Rinehart along and then going out and signing Jeremy Bridges.

then we find out that these guys can't play.

SOMEONE has to take responsibility at some point for these moves that backfired.
then we find out that these guys can't play.

SOMEONE has to take responsibility at some point for these moves that backfired.

One is forced to wonder how much input Buges had in all the moves on the line in the off season. If he was in agreement with them it then brings into question whether he is still the man for the job here, as much as that pains me to say.
Joe is an icon here. But at age 69 one has to wonder if as with his former mentor Joe Gibbs he is no longer up to the rigors of a 60 hour a week job working for this type of high maintenance owner.

Remember that ALL the coaches are 'uncovered' in that the GM with most clubs insulates the staff from the machinations of the owner and feedback goes through the GM to the staff and players.

But here in Washington Snyder is personally involved and Cerrato is not an 'honest' broker but rather seen as a 'hatchet' man for the owner.

Bobby Beathard had individual integrity in the process.

No one believes that Cerrato does.

Those are difficult conditions to work under.

I think if you talked to Bugel privately, he is aghast at being left with the OL depth he was given.

It's clear these guys aren't ready to play at this level.
It should be a front office football commandment:

Thou shalt not ignore your lines.

To those who think Buges has lost it, Chris Samuels has credited Buges with saving his career after he went through the Kim Helton Era.

Buges does the best he can with what the Front Office gives him.

Cerrato's an idiot when it comes to team building.
He'd go to GM and give them a stick,a lawn mower wheel and a rubber band and tell them to make him a Cadillac.
I cheered Deion Sanders departure from Washington. Seeing Vinny Cerrato leave town would cause a celebration here that rivals Mardi Gras.
Two things. First, boy do I feel sorry for JC. I certainly hope his life insurance is all paid up.

Second, is it just me or does anyone else get the idea that Carlos Rogers' sudden outburst of candor had mostly to do with a desire to get the eff out of D.C.? ...probably not even for the money but for the chance to be on a less dysfunctional team.

I mean this quote all but says "I've got my bags all packed and I am so outta here."

"There's a lot of problems, from personnel to coaches to whatever," said Rogers, who possibly will become an unrestricted free agent after the season, depending on what happens to the Collective Bargaining Agreement. "There's a lot of things we need to iron out. Until we address those issues and turn them around, we're going to be the same going up and down. Not only does it start with the players and coaches, it starts with ownership. They bring everybody in and they've got the last say-so on everything. So that's where it starts, I guess."
--Hands of Stone
You are assuming Vinny is convinced there is a problem. He didnt think so in the offseason.
The biggest laugh today came when Zorn addressed the OL issues by noting that 'the team in the draft just found higher rated players at other positions'........


What if the 'best' player on their board was a quarterback?

Would the Redskins have drafted 7 quarterbacks? :laugh:

At some point you have to look at your teams strengths and weaknesses and look for opportunities to draft or TRADE picks to move up to address these areas :D
when we drafted Kevin Barnes, I think most Skins fans had the proverbial HUH? come out of their mouths.

Orakpo was a good move b/c the Skins finally addressed a line position without spending millions of FAs.

But Barnes was a ? The Skins needed a SLB, an OT and players to develop at C, OG, DE etc........

Then we draft Cody Glenn and I started to look him up and couldn't find him in many of my draft material. After finding some info and reading about how raw he was I thought:

1. Why draft a guy this high?
2. This seems like another Dallas Sartz pick, ie another throw away pick on a guy that won't even make it through camp (man, did I call that one)

Henson I didn't have a problem with since he also has a similar skill set of Fletcher and Blades and has STs experience. You just hope the guy can play teams at this point.

But I still wonder why not draft another O or D lineman (note: they eventually did on D with Jarmon). Duke Robinson was still around. The big guy from LSU and others were out there......are you really telling me that Barnes is soooo much better when Tryon is our starting nickle back (a guy most fans thought should have been cut in 2008, but has improved) and Byron Westbrook is active on gameday?

It really looks like this team is all about the 1st rounder and the gems they can find late in the draft. Rounds 2-6......eh, let's flip a coin or throw a dart at a name and draft that guy.

Colt Brennan? That name sounds cool.....it's a football name, let's draft him.
Durant Brooks? He kicked a 70yd. punt...it's on You Tube, let's draft him.

It makes you wonder what the war room is like during rounds 2-6.
it's still amazing how Cerrato on the radio defended the move to trade draft picks for the 34 year old Jason Taylor and then play him out of position at LDE at only 244 pounds.

he said the injury to Phillip Daniels had 'shaken' the defense and the team needed to make a move to shore things up.

in the end Demetric Evans took most of the snaps at LDE and the defense still finished in the top 10.

so, after all of that Taylor and his 3 sacks weren't necessary.

if Cerrato really wanted to replace Daniels he would have found a run stopping DE who could anchor that side of the line.

In the end Vinny never answered the question about Taylor's age or the fact he only spent one season in DC.

He said with the same circumstances he would do the same thing again.

Just bizarre.

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