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Redskins New Direction?


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Jul 19, 2009
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Bethesda Md
After suffering through a decade of high visibility veterans who came here and then failed to perform up to expectations, the hope has been that with a new administration that the 'plan’ would change to the degree that attitude and character of the player in question would now finally be a factor in consideration of whether they wear the burgundy and gold. At least that is what Bruce Allen and Mike Shanahan told us when they came aboard. While we can argue over how the Haynesworth situation has been handled, the fact remains that the current administration did not acquire Albert and agree to pay him $41M.

But after finishing 6-10 and with one of the oldest rosters in the league in 2010, the obvious move seems to be to get younger, faster and yes, cheaper.

That however may seem to be a fan assumption. This week’s interviews with ex-Cleveland Browns’ free agent DT Shaun Rogers has again raised some of the earlier concerns with how the team has operated in the past. Rogers will be 32 years old when the 2011 season rolls around and has been a guy with a checkered past over his 10 seasons in the NFL in regards to his work ethic, fitness level and ability to get along with his coaches. Like Haynesworth, when motivated, Rogers can be a force on the DL. He made the pro bowl as recently as 2008.

But the question remains, is this the type of player the Redskins should be looking to bring aboard at this particular point in time?

My own opinion is that after the Haynesworth and McNabb fiascos the Redskins need to steer clear of Rogers and any players that have baggage.

Guys like Rogers tend to behave themselves when they are put on teams that have an established program that wins and veterans that are willing to hold teammates accountable. Read in here New England or Indianapolis and not Washington or Cleveland. That in my mind is one reason along with changes in alignments on defense that Mike Holmgren decided to part ways with #92.

From his bio, Rogers has had weight and 'fit’ issues with his coaches since joining the league as a #2 pick of the Detroit Lions. I remember at the time he was a college prospect he was considered a solid #1 pick on talent but fell due to off the field and attitude issues.

Seems like not much has changed in 10 years.

Washington didn’t sign Rogers to a contract and to give Allen and Shanahan some credit most of the veterans the team has brought in under their watch have been given short-term, incentive contracts.

But guys like Rogers at this point IMO should be a straight pass for Washington.

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