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Redskins: Joe Bugel/Jason Campbell/Stephon Heyer comments (8/05/09)


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Click HERE to read today's comments from Joe Bugel, Jason Campbell, and Stephon Heyer.

(courtesy of the Washington Redskins)
Really hope Heyer is just 'tweaked' and nothing more. If you listen to Bugel, you'd think we could put Shaun Suisham on the line and be fine :)
He did hit the nail on the head Mike when he spoke about how many season-ending injuries have occurred elsewhere. So you're right - anything short of those kinds of injuries and you have to feel almost fortunate.
I'm torn between trusting in Buges' view or deeming it wishful thinking.

I'm reminded of a certain popular term used to describe our offensive playcalling & performance in the preseason a couple of years ago. That term?


Those who didn't agree were labeled as chicken littles and we all know how that turned out.

Now I'm not feeling that the sky is necessarily falling as regards the o-line, but I did just order a hard hat just in case.
On Scott Burley:
“He needs a lot of work. A lot of work as an offensive tackle in this league because of the speed rushers. But, he’s got a chance.”

Translation: he's too raw and has no chance to make the roster.
i for one would've loved to play for a coach like bugel back in the day. think about it, if you are rinehart or bridges, you need to know that your coach believes and expects you to step in and pick up the slack. he's got your back and he'll coach you up, now it's up to you to get the job done.

we all knew going into the draft that the o-line was a huge question mark. snyderatto chose to address it as they saw fit and now we have to live with it, and pray.
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