Redskins Insider: Roger Goodell's visit leaves some Redskins feeling frustrated

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Some Redskins players expressed frustration Thursday about their meeting with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell at Redskins Park. As part of his training camp tour, Goodell met with players Wednesday at the complex to discuss the upcoming season. He encouraged players to ask questions about the negotiations between owners and the players' union on a new collective bargaining agreement, and that's where things broke down. Instead of offering insight into the negotiation process, players said, Goodell seemed evasive. "He's walking around kissing babies, you know, shaking hands, and he just wants to say that the owners are over here, the players are over here and I'm in the middle, I'm for the game," top cornerback DeAngelo Hall said. "But to ask him a question about anything, he couldn't answer. "He couldn't answer this, go check with this, go ask these people, I don't really know. It was a waste of time.

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