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Redskins Insider: Redskins to remove another 4,000 seats from FedEx Field


The Washington Redskins are again reducing the size of FedEx Field.

The team last month received approval from the Prince George’s County Department of Environmental Resources to remove 4,000 additional seats. The team said in its application to the department that the seats were being removed to make room for the completion of an upper level “party deck” standing room area, and to renovate the stadium’s fifth-floor suite areas.

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i agree with the hogs haven opinion post.

as a season ticket holder, the best atmospheres are the ones against AFC teams. late in the season. when people bring their kids and families because tickets are cheap because the team sucks.

divisional games aren't too bad, just depends on where you park/sit. it's certainly a tougher crowd.

It's the prime time games that are the worst. All the worthless thugs come out and get drunk and start fights; it's common to see redskins fans fighting each other at these games.

I can't blame anyone for giving up on season tickets. If i had 2 young kids I might give up as well.

They also need to get the brokers out of there and upgrade all of us. There are plenty of seats open the lower level, but they always give them to brokers. As a whole, the more i think about it, the crappier it is to be a season ticket holder. Winning may cure the ****ty feeling you would otherwise have leaving a loss, but it's not going to fix traffic (which I don't have a problem with, actually), it's not going to fix the obnoxious drunks, and it's not going to fix the way the team treats us (in fact, they'll probably be worse if tickets are in higher demand).

sorry. i'll stop ranting now.
tshile try and get an invite to their tag day next year and you'll probably be where I am without having to pay a dime extra. I'm lower level under the overhang but can still see everything but the apex of Punts without the need of binoculars or any visual enhancement. 30 yard line, no rain, no sun, stays toasty in the winter because of the windblock and I pay 75 bucks a ticket.

I'm with ya though on the substance of your post. It would be nice if they started treating season ticket holders with a little more regard. I drive all the way from Columbus Ohio for games and bring 3 other people and I STILL can't get the bastages to cut me a green parking pass. I have to do the stupid stub hub thing or park in Grey lot. Drives me nuts.

I also have 5 and 8 year old boys who are getting into football and there's no way you could get me to bring them to a Reg season game. Too much debauchery and thuggish behavior. It's definitely NOT family friendly. We're going to try a pre-season game this year since it's a lot tamer, sucks though, the excitement of the crowd is non existent by comparison and that's a lot of what my kids will feed off of.
Sorry: their tag day this year should still be available, all ya gotta do is get the invite, show up with some good running shoes, wait in line a little while and then grab your seats.
how do you get an invite to that?
i'd love to have seats like that for 75$.
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I just got the invite via email two years in a row the last two years. You could try just contacting the ticket office and seeing what options are available, they might just tell you to come out, who knows. The first year I upgraded they just asked if I was interested. I had bleeder seats but nothing unusual.

I feel fortunate every time I sit down since the view is so close and I pay basically upper level prices. It's the reason I have a hard time complaining too much about the rest of the Stadium experience even though many of the gripes are legit.
Wait... so you can do this if you already have tickets?
Is it just for the 200 level seats?

What happens if I go and I don't find seats I like? Can i say no thanks and just take what I get in the auto upgrade process?

If thats the case i'll call today and figure out how to get an invite! :)

edit: so many question! lol :)
Yea you have to exchange your current seats, in fact it's only open to people looking to upgrade, but if you go and don't like what's there, no loss. In fact that's what I did last year and merely added a fourth seat. I'm not sure on who or why the invites are sent, but it's at least worth a call.

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