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Redskins Insider: Redskins sign two rookie wide receivers and a cornerback


The Redskins have added three undrafted rookies to their roster: wide receivers Brandon Banks and Shay Hodge and cornerback Melvin Stephenson. The trio apparently was the best of the group of more than 20 undrafted rookies who attended the team's last minicamp on a tryout basis. They were rewarded for their efforts with contracts Monday morning. Banks, listed at 5-foot-7, 150 pounds, comes from Kansas State. He posted a 4.25-second 40-yard dash time and might have to earn his way onto the final roster as a return specialist. Hodge is a Mississippi product and was rated the 25th-best receiver prospect by NFLScout.com prior to last month's draft. Last year he caught 70 passes for 1,135 yards and eight touchdowns; he is Ole Miss' all-time leading receiver..


Washington Redskins - Brandon Banks - Shay Hodge - Wide receiver - NFL

5'7", 150 lbs. ??!! He better run a 4.25 40 because if anyone catches him he's gonna get crushed.
5'7", 150 lbs. ??!! He better run a 4.25 40 because if anyone catches him he's gonna get crushed.

Moss isn't much bigger than that - seriously....
He's gotta be fast, otherwise he'd have never made it through college. Another thing about the small, shifty guys is that they never usually take clean shots. Another small, ridiculously fast guy is Trindon Holliday, from LSU. He's similar in size, maybe a little bigger, but has world-class speed (set the NCAA/maybe world record for 100m dash as a freshman).
Moss is definitely more solid, although I've interviewed him on multiple occasions, and I'd be shocked if he's ever played at more than 185 lbs or so...Even that much bulk would make a difference I suppose...

Let me tell you, having taken a hit from an NFL safety at full speed while on the sidelines, it's amazing that anyone under 200 lbs survives the average game at a position like WR. That's the one thing I think, unless you're up close and personal at an NFL game, you really can't appreciate - the speed, power, and violence with which the game is played at the NFL level is something to behold.
Indeed. I was struck by it (metaphorically, in my case) as well ...

Being There

... I've seen enough pro football to know that people on the sidelines get wiped out from time to time. I've often chuckled, after realizing they weren't seriously hurt, and thought, "How silly it must be to be caught so unaware." After a few plays, I'm not so smug.

You know those NASCAR shots from right down alongside the track, where you see the cars coming from a distance, slowly at first, then incrementally faster until they just explode by in a visceral blur? Well, when Chargers quarterback Drew Brees fires a ball in our general direction, and his receiver catches it, turns upfield and heads toward the sideline readying to take on converging linebackers and safeties, they all look mostly human. But as they near the sideline, things speed up very, very fast indeed, and they grow in a few seconds from semi-remote actors on a stage to hurtling mountains of kinetic energy...and I'm doing rapid mental calculations about which direction to bail.

Happily, the play ends at my feet, and I remain upright, neither in traction nor posterized. I'm deeply thankful for that, and silently vow to keep my eyes on the field.
As a return specialist he doesn't have to leap over DBs to make any plays, and he won't be on the field as often as a starter. He just has to be fast and have good instincts, which, considering his size and the fact that he's still alive, I assume he has. :)

In any case, it's nice to see us bring in some young guys to fill out the roster. If one of them actually makes the team it's a nice bonus.
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