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Redskins Insider: Clinton Portis says his statements were "the truth"

It is done.



Washington Redskins running back Clinton Portis Tuesday stood behind his controversial comments about female reporters in men's locker rooms, saying in a radio interview that his previous remarks were "the truth." Toward the end of his weekly appearance on 106.7 The Fan's "The Mike Wise Show with Holden Kushner," Kushner shared his personal feelings on the controversy and asked Portis whether he had put the situation behind him. In last week's interview, Portis made statements that prompted a rebuke from the NFL and action by the Redskins. Portis spoke with head coach Mike Shanahan about his remarks and issued a statement of apology through the team. On Tuesday, Portis painted himself as a victim in the situation and was not contrite.


Jugband McGillicuddy

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That was an excellent job make Portis sound like a complete idiot. There's not a thing unethical about cleaning up the grammar that a person uses in an interview, so as to not make them sound like an absolute moron. When that doesn't happen, I become a little suspicious of the writer's intent. (Not that I've ever had a problem with Reid before.)


Portis uses a combo of ebonics and southern drawl which makes him sound like he has a lazy tongue and horrible grammar. i do it too when i am just shillin...but if i am in front of a superior you better believe i speak clearly.

in front of a senior....:)

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