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Redskins Have Some Cap Wiggle Room


Hey, Steve DeBurg is still floating around out there


Let's take just a moment or two away from our discussion of the season opener to look at the Redskins' salary cap situation. I spoke Saturday with a longtime league official who studies the numbers and he told me the Redskins are $5 million under the $127 million salary cap.

The Redskins have a little flexibility to sign a high-profile player if one unexpectedly were to become available, which occurred last season when the Oakland Raiders released cornerback DeAngelo Hall. And Washington has plenty of wiggle room to bring in multiple still-unsigned free agents if injuries or other unforeseen circumstances occur.

Some reporters are really into the details of the salary cap and how player contracts fit into the system each season. My buddy and former partner, the TV star, was great with that stuff. He loved delving into the numbers and learning about the details of long-term deals.

The cap stuff doesn't interest me as much. Don't get me wrong; there are things I need to know about contracts and the cap to do my job effectively. It's just that I'm not as well versed in all of it as some out there claim to be. Fortunately for me, however, I know how to pick up the phone, and it's always helpful to have well-informed sources. (They've requested anonymity because they're not authorized to reveal salary cap information.)
Jeff Garthia is also available. Proven WCO QB, could step in and contribute right away.
...except Garcia would be negotiating an injury settlement by week 5.
OK sign a strong side linebacker and move orakpo to DL full-time. Our pass rush is pathetic. All the hubbub and Eli stayed clean almost the entire game. I saw him sacked one, chased once (where somebody had a hand on him and whiffed) and knocked down once after a great completion. Anybody can succeed with the time he got.

Our scheme and our coaching is second rate. I am consistently seeing teams with half the talent squeeze 85% more out of their players. Punches thrown, same old personal foul flags, same old ends wide getting rode out of the pocket by OTs. Sucky coverage on kickoffs and punts (I mean punt). Not scheming to the strengths of your talent in all three phases of the football game.

Put it on the big names, I put it all on the coaches.
Welp, Garthia has signed with the Iggles...he's no longer an option.
OK sign a strong side linebacker and move orakpo to DL full-time. Our pass rush is pathetic.

I agree...this Orakpo at LB experiment has to end. We need a playmaker on defense, and a rookie at a new position is not going to light it up.
How about a trade for Derrick Johnson from the chiefs? LOL yeah I read PFT today.

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