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Redskins Earning Kudos for Draft Acumen


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From Bleacher Report.com

The Washington Redskins have quietly had their best draft in years. In the first round the Redskins opted not to take a QB and look to build up their front seven, which was a huge problem for them last season as they transitioned to a 3-4 defense.

They added Ryan Kerrigan in the first round, who led the NCAA in tackles for losses last season. Kerrigan should immediately take some pressure off of Brian Orakpo, and will instantly improve their biggest problem from last season--the pass rush.

In the second round, the Redskins drafted Jarvis Jenkins, a defensive lineman from Clemson. He is a very versatile lineman who should be able to fill in as a five-technique on running downs, and as a NT on passing downs.

The Redskins also added WR Leonard Hankerson in the third round of the draft. Hankerson is a player that can instantly come in and become the Redskin No. 1 or No. 2 WR, and will likely replace Santana Moss in the starting lineup. Hankerson was once projected to be a first round pick, but saw himself slide all the way to the Redskins.
Overall I am very pleased!

The only move I really question and would have done differently is the 4th round pick of Helu. They could have had Marecic from Stanford at that pick. He seems like the same mold as Peyton Hillis.
it was a fine draft...but all these analyses are superficial in the extreme. offensive coordinators will figure out the weaknesses of Rak/Kerrigan when they are on the field at the same time (e.g., pass coverage) and develop plays to take advantage. Hazlitt will be forced to adjust. It'll be way interesting to watch the chess match. Plenty of teams drafted lots of players. Let's see how it pans out on the field first. It is a vast improvement over past drafts (forced by the CBA breakdown perhaps?) and...since there is nowhere to go but up for this team...should produce some starters.

interesting thought...so the Shanahans' think Beck has more upside than any of the QBs in this year's draft.

Do you think any of the teams still in need of a QB are considering FA Rex Grossman as their interim solution? Anyone heard any rumors?

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