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Redskins.com: Redskins to place Brennan on IR


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Posted: September 5, 2009

The Redskins plan to put backup quarterback Colt Brennan on the injured reserve list, Redskins.com’s Larry Weisman has learned.

The popular second-year player has been fighting a nagging hamstring injury that he reaggravated against Jacksonville on Thursday night. An MRI exam revealed a tear of the hamstring. Brennan also has a hip injury.

"He could be out for a while with his hamstring," head coach Jim Zorn told Weisman. "He’s a guy we need to get rehabbed. For us, it’s an opportunity to not keep putting a Band-Aid on it."

Zorn informed Brennan of the decision on Friday but the planned move came too late to be sent to the NFL by the 4 p.m. ET deadline for transactions.

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Wow. He's done for the year. No practice, no games, basically a 'come back next year' sentence. And for a hamstring? Hard to say without hearing more, but this sounds like an easy way to resolve a difficult decision (Daniel vs. Brennan at #3) without really having to make a decision - it's a non-decision decision :)

I don't know that I've heard of a player at an impact position being placed on injured reserve for (at least from what we've heard to this point) a 'tweaked' hamstring. Unless it's torn to hell, I just don't view that kind of injury as season-ending, but guess we have to believe it's more than tweaked.

Question now is, do they keep Chase? The assumption is, yeah, he'll be the #3 this season. But you know what they say about assumptions... I suppose there's still the possibility they use Randle El as their emergency #3 and send Daniel packing for the practice squad on the hope no one picks him off there. Or, as is currently rumored, they bring in a more experienced #3 (Andrew Walter is the current rumor). Seems like if you were going to do that, you could have done it sooner. Then again, does it really matter? We're talking #3 QB here.

I don't believe that's a likely scenario though, my guess is they keep Chase (or at minimum put him on the PS). I have a gut feeling that Zorn really likes him. I think Brennan may be lucky he pulled that hammy in the last pre-season game, because I think it's quite possible he'd have been the one finding himself on the practice squad or gone otherwise. Just a feeling though.
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Redskins.com saying an MRI showed a hamstring tear (duy - that's what a pulled hamstring is) and also some kind of hip injury. Still sounds like they're probably gaming the system a little bit on this one. Might be a smart move.
It seems the real concern is about his hip.


Brennan Has Hamstring, Hip, Knee Injuries
The Redskins are strongly considering putting second-year quarterback Colt Brennan on the season-ending injured reserve list because of a hip injury he suffered in the first preseason game, league sources said today.

Brennan aggravated a hamstring injury and also injured his knee while being sacked late in the fourth quarter of Thursday's 24-17 loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars at Jacksonville. Afterward, Brennan said the injuries were not considered serious.

In examining Brennan's left knee and hamstring, however, Redskins medical personnel apparently expressed further concern about his left hip injury that occurred Aug. 13 against the Baltimore Ravens at M&T Bank Stadium. In April of 2008, Brennan had surgery to repair a slightly torn labrum in his right hip.
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if its a hip injury its a repeat then because he had hip surgery before he even went in to the draft. thats a bad sign if he has hurt it again after such limited playing time.

I believe it's the other hip.
This might not turn out too badly. Daniel's size is generally viewed as a severe enough handicap that it probably would make him not-all-that-attractive while on the PS, thus lowering the odds of another team trying to snatch him up. A torn hamstring, I would think, is legitimate enough for Brennan being put on IR list, thus opening up options as far the #3 QB position goes. It could be a happenstance that can be tactically arranged to the Skins advantage.

When opportunity knocks...you know the rest.
I wondered if they would not do something like this if at all possible. I have had the feeling all preseason that Zorn really likes both these kids and wanted both around but did not feel comfortable enough to let go of Collins to keep them both.

Brennan may not be able to practice with the team on IR but he can still go to meetings and work on the mental part. Once the season is over, he can go right back to working on that foot work that Zorn wants improved. This might be a god send for both these young men.
you think he over compensated for the one and in return hurt the other side?

that just spells out trouble regardless though to be that young and have hip problems. its not going to get any easier thats for sure if he ever does see playing time..

Could be. To be honest, my first thought was that it's pretty convenient & coincidental timing. Some might even call it Gibbsian. Especially since Zorn said he was fine in yesterday's presser.
I do not think this is a bad move. ZColt has to mature mentally. He still makes too many mistakes and presses to make something happen. He can rehab and work out with trainers for the year. I think it is very intriguing to keep only two quarter backs and put Chase on the PS. If you need him you can always bring him up. Keeping an extra position player may help in the long run. I like it!
I don't doubt for a second that there is an injury, but this has shades of an old Gibbs move all over it. I believe they are hiding this kid because of his potential to see if one more year of learning and preparation can propel him to the next level or even be a stop gap for a draft pick to mature.

I like seeing potential long term moves like this. It means coaches are not simply playing to win the SB right now, which of course we all know is highly unlikely. I think a move like this suggests at the very least that we are committed to a long term solution to the mediocrity this team has been living in. Whether or not we achieve it is another story, but maybe this is a change in mindset.
Word on twitter is that Daniel has been put on the waiver wire. If he clears it, the Redskins have reportedly told him they'd like to add him to the Practice Squad.
So I guess then the question is do they go with 2 QBs on the 53 man roster or sign someone cut from somewhere else? And if they go with just 2, where does that extra slot go?
So I guess then the question is do they go with 2 QBs on the 53 man roster or sign someone cut from somewhere else? And if they go with just 2, where does that extra slot go?

My guess is that they go with two qb's and add to the rb's.
I don't think you will see Colt Brennan in a Redskins uniform again.

If Campbell plays well he will get a new contract and the Redskins will look to add a WCO backup in 2010.

If Campbell doesn't play well and he and Zorn perhaps leave town, then a Mike Shanahan or Mike Holmgren cleans house and there is a new group of QBs here.

Either way #5 is going to be on the move.

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