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Redskins, Chiefs Forced To Change Team Names – PC At 1 PM EDT

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Oct 1, 2009
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Unreal. Simply un-freaking-real.

Redskins, Chiefs Forced To Change Team Names – PC At 1 PM EDT

by Garland Thompson
March 31, 2013

UPN - In a stunning late Sunday night decision, The Washington Redskins and Kansas City Chiefs have bowed to pressure from the NFL and will change their names as early as today. For many years, various Indian tribes and politicians have threatened litigation and punitive measures against the Redskins organization.

The Chiefs faced much less in the way public scrutiny, but the NFL saw it differently and they are being forced to change their name too. The Redskins, based in Ashburn, VA, have used the name since 1937 after a move from Boston. From 1932 to 1937, they were known as the Braves.

The Kansas City Chiefs were members of the old American Football League and became members of the NFL when the two leagues merged in 1970. From 1960 to 1962, they were known as the Texans and played in Dallas. A move to Kansas City in 1963 brought forth the new name.

Team sources in Kansas City said that Clark Hunt, chairman and CEO, is distraught over the decision. Team president Mark Donovan had a short, terse statement late Sunday night. “We were ambushed over the weekend. There’s no other way to put it. We have no other choice but to accept it”.

Only one team source in Ashburn was just as blunt, but under the condition of anonymity. “March is becoming 'get the Redskins month’ in the NFL” – a reference to a harsh $36 million penalty handed to the Redskins on the eve of free agency in 2012. “What will it be next March? Stay tuned” the source said.

For more than twenty years, native American Suzan Harjo has led the fight against Indian names and mascots for professional and college teams. She has focused heavily on the Redskins name since 1992. Harjo was unavailable for comment late Sunday night, but is expected to address the name changes later today.

The league is scheduled to hold a press conference at 1 pm EDT in Canton, OH, home of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. It is expected to announce the changes at that time.

It has been learned that each team will have one week to acquire new names, logos, and possibly new colors. League officials said that the Redskins and Chiefs will work with Nike and introduce their new logos and uniforms on April 15.

More at this link


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Holy crap ...

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wow. the part about honoring gay marriage by changing the team logo to the honorarium of 'united we stand' is titillating.


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BB, you forgot to mention Ben Dover assisted with this article. ;)


bastards ! good one ....I was thinking of names already !

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