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A down and dirty one-stop shopping thread to keep track of Redskins player movement during this whirlwind free-agency period. We'll do our best to keep it current. Feel free to comment, suggest, remind, correct, etc. Nuestro tracker es su tracker.




FS Oshiomogho Atogwe
DT Barry Cofield

WR Donte Stallworth

WR Santana Moss
QB Kellen Clemens
WR Jabar Gaffney
CB Josh Wilson
P Sav Rocca
DE Stephen Bowen
OL Chris Chester
RB Tim Hightower (trade with AZ)
K Shayne Graham
OL Sean Locklear
LB Keyaron Fox
DT Doug Worthington
TE Tony Curtis
K Clint Stitser
LB Thaddeus Gibson

QB Ben Chappel, UDFA (Indiana)
RB Shaun Draughn, UDFA (North Carolina)
TE Kevin Gildrey, UDFA (South Florida)
OT Willie Smith, UDFA (East Carolina)
CB Ty Grant, UDFA (Delaware)
LB Kyle O'Donnell, UDFA (Liberty)
DB Dante Barnes, UDFA (Norfolk St.)
OL Corey O'Daniel, UDFA (Gardner-Webb)
DL Jeff Stehle, UDFA (Wisconsin)
QB Mark Verica, UDFA (UVa)
LB Obi Ezeh, UDFA (Michigan)

TE Joe Torchia, UDFA (UVA)
SS Davonte Shannon (University at Buffalo)
QB Matt Gutierrez (Idaho St.)


QB Donovan McNabb (traded to Minn. for 2012 6th round and conditional 2013 sixth round picks.)
DT Albert Hayesworth (traded to New England Patriots for 5th round pick in 2013)
C Casey Rabach (released)
DE Phillip Daniels (released)
DT Maake Kemoeatu (released)
OL Mike Williams (released)
DE Vonnie Holiday (traded to AZ)
LB Robert Henson


QB Rex Grossman UFA (agreed to terms)RB Andre Brown UFA (cut)
RB James Davis UFA (AWOL)
RB Chad Simpson UFA (released)
WR Mike Furrey UFA
WR Marques Hagans UFA
OT Jammal Brown UFA (agreed to terms)
OT Stephon Heyer UFA
C Will Montgomery UFA
(agreed to terms)
DL Kedric Golston UFA (agreed to terms)
LB H.B. Blades UFA (agreed to terms)
LB Rocky McIntosh (agreed to terms)
LB Chris Wilson UFA
CB Phillip Buchanon UFA
(agreed to terms)
CB Carlos Rogers (released)
CB Byron Westbrook (agreed to terms)
FS Reed Doughty UFA (agreed to terms)


Rd 1 (16) Kerrigan, Ryan DE (agreed to terms)
Rd 2 (41) Jenkins, Jarvis DL (agreed to terms)
Rd 3 (79) Hankerson, Leonard WR (agreed to terms)
Rd 4 (105) Helu, Roy RB (agreed to terms)
Rd 5 (146) Gomes, Dejon DB (agreed to terms)
Rd 5 (155) Paul, Niles WR (agreed to terms)
Rd 6 (177) Royster, Evan RB (agreed to terms)
Rd 6 (178) Robinson, Aldrick WR (agreed to terms)
Rd 7 (213) Thompson, Brandyn DB (agreed to terms)
Rd 7 (217) Hurt, Maurice OL (agreed to terms)
Rd 7 (224) White, Markus DE (agreed to terms)
Rd 7 (253) Neild, Chris NT (agreed to terms)
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Aussie, that is correct. But we never let facts or details get in the way of our entertainment.

LSF, as you well know, I am perhaps the worst phone-call-returner in the history of western civilization. It's part of my boyish charm.
I was just pre-empting all the 'When is the deal official?' posts.

Are you sure about Hall's status? He's not listed on the free agent list over at NFL.com. Most of what I've read thus far is teaming Hall with Asomugha to replace 'Los.
My bad on DeAngelo. Reposted our own unsigned FA's from another source I believe to be more accurate.
LSF, as you well know, I am perhaps the worst phone-call-returner in the history of western civilization. It's part of my boyish charm.

I can confirm this (the phone call part, not the boyish charm part). He isn't any better with text messages either. ;)
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Not so fast on McNabb.


A deal for Redskins QB Donovan McNabb between Washington and the Vikings is in place, but what is reportedly holding it up is McNabb's displeasure with the Vikings' handling of the deal, according to ESPN. McNabb is unhappy that the Vikings initially pursued Tyler Thigpen and that they've insisted he "dramatically reduce his contract terms."
The word on McNabb, at least per Yoda Scheffter, is that the deal is still going to go through. Donovan's "people" just need a while to express their righteous indignation over how the Vikings "people" had the nerve to actually consider other options.
Spoiled brat. I'm getting seriously tired of athletes and their attitudes.
Nice to see all the names in one place showing how much work is actually left to do. Hail!
Joo da meng. :)

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