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Redskin Player awards

Loss Vegas

The Burgundy Ghost

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Jul 15, 2009
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The Shadows of the Unknown

Navy Salisbury

Does anybody associated with the 4-12 Redskins deserve an award?
Probably not. Maybe London Fletcher I suppose.

Anyway, I 've been doing these for the last few seasons.
Here's some reading to give you a Redskins fix during the offseason.

Redskins Player Awards pt.1
Redskins Player Awards pt.2

Part 2 also has my final takes on the 2009 season, I didn't realize how mad FedEx makes me and how crappy that stadium is for a Redskin fan until I read what I wrote in my blog entry.



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Oct 8, 2009
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Leesburg, Va

Orakpo definately deserves mentioning... the kid is a freak...

Fred Davis deserves a tip of the hat as well.. you have one of the top TEs in the country and he steps in the way he did... heck of a job kid.

London Fletcher gets the all time snub award because he's a monster.. deserves a pro bowl trip but wont ever get it.. only cuz he's never killed anyone...

Andre Carter could get the "career resurgance" award with the turn around he had.. given he had a decent guy on the other side..

Albert Haynesworth... he consumed more oxygen then anyone else in team history.. the guy doesnt collect footballs.. he collects medical grade oxygen bottles... i hear he's auctioning one off next week...

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