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reasons for hope


Nov 17, 2010
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Haslett potentially getting in a car accident, I dont want him to die, per se, but maybe just be hurt badly enough to never be able to coach again.

I was tempted to add shanny to that car accident, something I generally reserve for cowboys players and coaches. I normally wouldnt wish such fates on anyone but my level of frustration with this team is at an all time high. truthfully all this last game did was win me a fantasy football game because stupid me, I still have every available redskin on my team even our crap defence, you know the one that plays well whenever it doesnt matter? against a bad qb this defence looks awesome, against decent ones it looks ok and against great ones it looks like a pop warner team.

The truth is that the oline sucks, the receiving corps sucks, the secondary sucks and the linebackers suck, we always have safeties in our top 5 tacklers so our dline sucks too.

we look like gumbies because this team is terrible at finding talent, we get excited when a player doesnt suck. we got excited about mo hurt, who sucked, but sucked less than some of the other guys who suck. we got excited last year when lerib sucked less than lick who was hurt but who sucks less when he is healthy. we get excited at compton who sucks badly enough that polumbus sucks less than he does, and lets be honest, polumbus sucks. hell we get excited about paulsen, who sucks but at least tries hard. I thought about typing every single players name and adding SUCKS after their name, but this team sucks so much that I cant be bothered.

they give us just enough hope against the garbage teams that we stay engaged.

My hope is that we fire shanny, fire haslett and bring in a young staff who wants to make their legacy here. how many seasons are we going to give these clowns so we can watch the same mistakes made over and over again?

newsflash shanny won a superbowl with elway, and even still managed to kill defence in denver, and he had much better olinemen than we have herem more importantly he had alex gibbs running the Oline. we have who again?

we won a game against a crap team playing its backup qb. lets not get excited.

and yes I feel like eeyore right now.
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I won't say what I really wanted to, either.

I might however suggest, Gerber products.
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How about manning up instead. We won the NFC last year. You didn't imagine it. The coaches had something to do with it. It may well happen again this year. How about giving them a chance to play the actual schedule before you crucify them.

And your comments aren't appropriate for this site. Take it up a notch or don't post.
Along with Robert's injury there have been a number of reasons. Players that have been clear disappointments and will likely not be here in 2014:

Fred Davis
Josh Morgan
Aldrick Robinson
Josh Wilson
EJ Biggers
Chris Baker (at DE, may return to DT)
Josh LeRibeus
Chris Chester
Chris Thompson (as PR)

Others such as Rambo and Amerson were thrown to the wolves as rookies and hopefully after 16 games it will have been worth the sweat and tears.

Polumbus and Hall I could have added but they are performing pretty much as expected.
Actually, I think this is the best WR corps we've had in 20 years. We have a bonafide starter in Garcon, Hankerson is emerging as the #2 guy, Moss is great in the slot and Morgan provides nice depth. Robinson is fifth option so if he's not great it's not a huge dagger to the offense.

The problem is Bob isn't getting the ball to them because he's rusty and has no protection. Oh, and the defense suck. And special teams is getting punts blocked, getting us pinned deep in our own territory and missing FGs. But if there's one part of this team that looks ok, it's the WRs.

At least to me.
I don't think the Morgan signing represents anything but a waste of cap space.

When he was signed and for a good portion of Year 1 we paid him to get healthy from a previous injury sustained in SF. Now in Year 2 where we really need a consistent number two receiver Morgan hasn't been able to establish himself and has fallen behind Hankerson.

I think we are grossly overpaying for what is now a fourth receiver.
Let him prove it consistently in games.

Joe Gibbs cut guys like Robinson all the time because despite some skill they could never be counted on.

Robinson reminds me of the Bruce Smith '50/50' comment about Rod Gardner.
Robinson bobbles just one pass, and that after hitting the ground, and people want to cut him.
Yet Hankerson was dropping and bobbling passes left and right last year, and people have all the patience in the world with him.
Hankerson though is out there running the staple routes and has been more consistent this year.

When you are a specialist like Robinson who comes in for limited reps (like kickers and return guys) each catch or non-catch is magnified.

Robinson can't crack the top 4 and was a failure as a punt returner as a rookie.

If he doesn't catch the deep ball he doesn't make a contribution.
Well, me thinks if we ever get to play from ahead, earlier in games, it will allow us to take more shots with Aldrick. And we'll hit'em too.
I think Robinson provides a valuable asset to the offense. He can clear out coverages by running fly routes, and if he happens to get a step, is always a threat for the quick-strike TD. He's a fourth WR because he doesn't provide much more than that, but he doesn't really need to. I'd like to see them try to get him the ball in space more often on crossing routes or bubble screens, etc., but I think Kyle lost my cell number and hasn't called for advice lately. :(

EDIT: Josh Morgan, on the other hand, is nothing special. I agree with BT, its a lot of cap space for someone who doesn't bring much to the table.
I still dont get all the Josh Morgan hate. is it his salary you hate? The kid plays with a lot of heart and will run the routes that nobody else wants to. he may only be getting part time and overpaid for it, but he hasnt had a bonehead mistake since the STL game.

Current season salaries, which is much of what I believe people are shaking their heads at.

Personally, I can name 30 receivers right now that probably contribute more, for less. But that's another topic. For now, the salaries against the cap to put things into perspective:

Joshua Morgan: 6 million

RG3: 4.8 million

Ryan Kerrigan: 2.3 million

D Hall: 1.2 million

Hankerson: $731,000

Roy Helu: $672,000

Alfred Morris: $510,000

And for the sake of comparison?

Dez Bryant: 2.9 million this year. 3.1 million next year.

This is a Vinny-like contract.

I don't want to point fingers; I'm not sure if this was Shanny or Bruce.

But it really makes you wonder wtf people are thinking.
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sorry, I was pissed off when I wrote this, my fantasy team is all redskins almost lol

anyway lets look at what we have here.

we have a coaching staff that makes nothing but excuses, we didnt win the NFC east last year, we had a team that played over its head with a rookie QB who carried this team on his back after the head coach gave up. we had a string of games where we had everything go our way and we took advantage of that, even so we were nowhere near as good as we apparently thought we were.

we cannot find players in unorthodox ways, something that due to our "lets sell the farm to get Rg3" trade, we needed to at least be decent at.

we dont play our players to their strengths. instead we often force players to do what the HC wants.

we overpaid on a couple guys to the point where we had no money to spend on players who might actually contribute, we could have gotten evan mathis who would be our best Olineman, or winston whould be our second best Olineman.

so yes I almost want to go through our roster player by player and say "sucks" after each one, because thats where we are at.

we are in year what again? and somehow some of you are saying that our talent deficient roster doesnt fall on shanny? who does it fall on exactly? who do we blame for what is clearly not a very good team? good teams dont depend on smoke and mirrors or trickery or scheme to be good, they use those things to be excellent. we depend on them and when they dont work we look terrible.

looking back, we werent in the position to make a blockbuster deal to get RG3, we needed to do what I and a few others suggested, build our lines, add some depth, take our lumps and in 2-3 years of suffering, stockpile some talent and then make a huge trade to get a franchise guy, instead we sold the farm to get rg3 who has been very good, but who has little help and likely will be hamstrung by the guys around him. Garcon, is a solid reciever but I think hes a 2, hankerson is a solid 3 and moss hasnt been a 1 for 3 seasons now. Davis has been outplayed by a rookie at TE and morris hasnt looked the same this year, I honestly thought hed be better with helu keeping him fresh.
Of course we won the East last year. If you have to suggest otherwise to make a case you're not making a good one.
Current season salaries, which is much of what I believe people are shaking their heads at.

Personally, I can name 30 receivers right now that probably contribute more, for less. But that's another topic. For now, the salaries against the cap to put things into perspective:

Joshua Morgan: 6 million

RG3: 4.8 million

Ryan Kerrigan: 2.3 million

D Hall: 1.2 million

Hankerson: $731,000

Roy Helu: $672,000

Alfred Morris: $510,000

Salaries against the cap this year:

Pierre Garcon $8,106,250
Josh Morgan $5,100,000
Santana Moss $4,016,668
Leonard Hankerson $731,594

Can you guess which one is still on his rookie contract? RG3, Kerrigan, Helu and Morris are all also still in their rookie contracts.

I think all this proves is that the draft is a better way to build a team. Nice to see we're doing that.

Morgan is paid like a free agent in the last year of his contract. He's the 17th highest paid WR in the league. That's too high but it's not Vinnie Ceratto insane. During the Ceratto era he'd be in the middle of a five year deal which would just now be ballooning and completely unmanageable. Morgan was a free agent that didn't work out as well as we'd hoped. It happens. And it happens to all teams. You guys think fragile Danny Amendola was worth the $3,500,000 cap hit this year on the perfect NE Patriots? And he's in the first year of a five year deal. Is Sidney Rice worth 9,700,000 to the Seahawks? He's in the third year of a five year deal and his numbers are identical to Morgan's this year.

Morgan we can simply let go after this season.

I agree that he's overpaid, but I just don't get the constant hair-pulling over a marginally overpaid player as if he's a symptom of front office incompetence. I don't get the hate for the guy because he makes more than he should. Overpaid does not automatically mean he's Albert Haynesworth. EVERY team has overpaid and underpaid players. I don't see the Redskins as a team that's unusual in that regard at the moment.
Yep, Henry nailed it. This is why I'm not TOO upset over the Morgan contract. It was large, but it was only two years long. So now, instead of looking at these contracts and saying "Oh man, Vinny dug us into a hole we can never climb out of," we can say "Allen was smart enough to plan for the situation that Morgan simply isn't that good, and we can get past him in two years." So much more competency in the front office!
Robinson is not a disappointment. He's a 6th round pick that fills a specific role. It sucks that he dropped that pass but he generally gives us a genuine deep threat, which for a 5th WR is a nice niche.

The big problem for him this year is not that he's not good at it, it's that between our OL's trouble in straight-up pass protection and Bob's recovery we simply haven't had the ability to run long-developing plays. Until that improves Robinson just isn't going to get many chances.
It's not that the Redskins have failed to spend any picks or money on the OL.

It's that outside of Trent Williams they don't really have players on the OL that are your NFL prototype in terms of size, strength and athleticism.

The interior line is small and lacks the ability to win one on one match ups.

It is a myth you can win at an elite level with these players.

Shanahan's Denver teams may have had OL that were mobile but they were also great technicians and strong players.

Gary Zimmerman is in the HOF. Neal was a pro bowl center. Schlereth was a two time pro bowler as a value free agent from Washington.

The commentary about Shanahan not needing quality linemen to win with is simply wrong.

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