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Rate the Rings!

What Redskins Super Bowl Ring Would You Sport?

  • SB XVII - 1983

    Votes: 10 58.8%
  • SB XXII - 1988

    Votes: 2 11.8%
  • SB XXVI - 1992

    Votes: 5 29.4%

  • Total voters


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God knows, we don't have anything else Redskins-related to ponder this weekend.

Given that, the momentous question of the day is, which Washington Redskins Super Bowl ring would you most want to slip on and parade around town?

superbowl 1.jpg

Super Bowl XVII - January 30, 1983
Redskins 27
Dolphins 17

superbowl 2.jpg

Super Bowl XXII - January 31, 1988
Redskins 42
Broncos 10

superbowl 3.jpg

Super Bowl XXVI - January 26, 1992
Redskins 37
Bills 24
Wise guy! Bah!

I'm not about flashy when it comes to rings and things men wear on their hands and arms. Just one look at my college ring or watch will tell you that much. The first one is my choice for that reason. It is classy enough without being too outrageous or gaudy.
I gotta go with BB on this one. I like the first because it is the FIRST one and because it isn't too gaudy. That being said, the throwback feathers on the third one make it a close second.
Super Bowl wins it will always be the first! As for these rings, I like the 1992 the most! It's the flashiest! LOL!
83 for me. It's much more understated then the other two.
I went with 1992. It's overpowering-like that Redskins team.

They're all flashy, so, if you're gonna flash, then flash damn-it!
My wife just said..'The third one - because more bling is better'. The first is my favorite. Beautiful ring.
Opps, I voted based upon which Superbowl I enjoyed the most not which ring I like. I like the 83 ring the best but liked the 88 Superbowl the best because I was at a party and was getting a load of **** from my friends when the Skins were down 10-0 early. Then when the Skins stopped Denver for the first time I said “I think the momentum is changing” and then


I voted like Alaskan did. And frankly, I'm disappointed in all of you men discussing jewelry. LOL.
I picked the first one. I think it looks better and for me it is a reminder of that first Super Bowl victory which was special.

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