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Random NFL Thoughts

The Colts make a decent QB decision for a change?
The Colts make a decent QB decision for a change?

Nah, they just need to trade every decent player and suck for luck again or pray the teams ahead of them pick a head case. They've only drafted good QB's when the pickens seemed easy.
Was just reading that. Absolutely brutal.
I can't help but get teary-eyed when I read about Moreau's diagnosis, having dealt with Hodgkin's myself. That is now three NFLers in recent memory who have all been diagnosed with Lymphoma - Eric Berry, James Connor, and now Moreau. This is going back a little bit, but former NHL superstar Mario Lemieux also had Hodgkin's Lymphoma at a time when they knew less about the illness and only treated the condition with radiation. Now, it is a whole new ballgame. I wish Foster the very best. I don't know if the NFL is ever on his radar again, but if stepping back on the field is a goal of his, the other three athletes I mentioned can all provide plenty of inspiration, given their successful returns to sport.
The Lamar Jackson drama is amusing, mainly because the Ravens normally don't run into much drama. Jackson however is nuts in his demands, no other team other than the Browns and Minny is dumb enough to do the fully guaranteed money, especially on a QB whose been injured the past 2 years.
I read an article somewhere suggesting that Jackson deserves a guaranteed contract exactly because he’s suffered significant injuries 2 years in a row. I disagree, but I do like the idea contracts are designed with an insurance component separate from the salary.

That is, if a player suffers a catastrophic injury it triggers an insurance payout equal to x percentage of expected future income or x percent of the contract that can’t be fulfilled.

I also think this should be separated from the salary cap.

However, I don’t like a guaranteed contract because there are factors outside injury for termination. Sometimes, a player’s study habits and effort level tanks after getting that guaranteed money. Sometimes, quality of play falls off a cliff. If so, I’m not sure if the effort and production disappears the player should get the full contract. I mean there always conditions that have to be met in every contract.
A lot of contracts have "Injury Guarantees." In fact, most of the time that "guaranteed money" is referenced in contracts... it's injury caveat. A lot of the incentives included are absolutely attainable as long as the player is healthy, so it benefits the player to have that as a fall back.
Way too much imho… even for a year
For a 5th round pick, I'd say that was worth a gamble even given his injury history.
I'd do a Chase Young for Budda Baker straight up trade in a New York minute.

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