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Radiofrequency Denervation

Know what it is ... at least in raw layman's terms. Happily have not experienced it.

Back and neck pain relief by electro-zapping (technical term!) the nerves causing the pain. Kinda like cortisone only without the fun of that big ass needle.

Kinda controversial, right? Mask the symptom (pain) by deadening it, but w/o curing the cause. Leaves open the possibility of doing permanent damage because you've blocked your body's warning alarms.
I've had electro-stimulation from the chiropractor & physical therapists before, is that the same thing?
Im not sure its such a bad thing though, the alternative is drugging people. Back and neck injuries some times have no cure, the sufferers are usually put on drug treatments to dull the pain much like the shock deadens the pain.

Most back and neck pain people are considered seekers, people who go after doctors for a drug fix. Like seekers used to go after brownstones using kidney stones to get a fix. If there is no cure for the pain, I dont see why shocking the nerves down isnt worse than addicting some one to a drug. Im not a health care guy, so I really dont know whats worse but I have seen people get addicted to pain killers and its not pretty.

The drug is probably way more pleasurable so some may fake the injury for the treatment, the shocking probably doesnt have any pleasure in it other than the relief. So if you make that the norm you remove the seekers, and you are only dealing with the people suffering.

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