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R Lee Ermey in Santa's Workshop


This is a classic that floats around the military once in awhile

If you don't like foul langauge, please don't click

Mods, feel free to change this to a sandwich or cheeseburger thread if you think it's not appropriate.

On the other hand, fans of R Lee Ermey will get a kick out of this. Someone with waaaaaaaaay too much time on their hands match up the video and sound track almost perfectly

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i loved boot camp, but thats just me
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That's hilarious! LOL. And FWIW, R. Lee Ermey is Da Man!!
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That was one of the few realistic portrayals of Marine Boot camp I've seen (the movie, not the elves). Pretty much exactly what the PI experience was like :)
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Thanks, Sarge. I'm a R. Lee fan myself-I love his "Lock 'n' Load" series on the History channel. The elves vid had me in stitches! :)
Wither linkage?
Should be back now, Om. Goldbrick was apparently on strike again. ;)

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