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Jun 30, 2009
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I've started digging around, checking other team fan forums and occasionally their local media for reactions to the 1st round of the draft-specifically what they thought of the Williams pick. Basically a bit of puzzlement seems the consensus in our selecting him over Okung but acknowledging the fact that we did address an Oline need.

But of course the story that's everywhere is Denver trading 2nd, 3rd and 4th round picks to Baltimore and grabbing Tebow-everybody's talking about that one. Mostly it's along the "What the hell was Josh McDaniel thinking?" line. The majority of it isn't about Tebow, although a lot is, but the real eyebrow-raiser was what Denver traded to get that pick..

Broncos fans forums are a hornets nest of opinions, vrying from "He's the future of the team" to "Josh McD loses his job in 3 years or less".

A few people credit Ozzie Newsome for being a shrewd operator on that one though-and that's where I got my quote of the day-from a Ravens fan forum.

"We just Roethlisberger'd Denver"
Poetic. :rotflmao:

Got to agree, too. I thought Miami had made the best trade of the day getting a 2nd and a 4th to move back from #12 to #28, but that trade was highway robbery.
Broncos had a couple of trades and gathered extra picks. So, in the long run,they probably feel like they did not give up too much to get him. They probably evened out in their eyes.
Well, if Tebow wins in Denver like he won in college, I don't think anyone in Denver will care how many picks they gave up to get him.
McDaniels has chased away Cutler, Marshall and Scheffler.

He made Eddie Royal into a non-factor in the passing game.

What is Pat Bowlen thinking?

Ok, Shanahan had his run and the club hadn't made it out of the wildcard round for awhile but Josh McDaniels?

Bellichick may be a genius but it sure isn't rubbing off on his assistants.
All of Billichick's assitants are having tough times. I would be very wary of hiring a guy that worked under him.

McDaniels seems to be a clone of Billichick, but not in a good way. He is trying to rule with an iron fist which works well for Billichick because of his track record. However, this usually does not work well for coaches that have not accomplished anything.

Because McDaniels is young, I think in order for him to be successful, he should win over the players with superior football knowledge and leave the power trip out of it.
The main problem Belichick's assistants have had is being unable to take Tom Brady with them. :cool:
Reminds me of Gibbs assistants . . . only Gibbs assistants were unable to take the Hogs with them.
That's funny OM, but you may have a point.

I cannot think of one assistant that has had a good career outside of New England, neither college or pros.
The main problem Belichick's assistants have had is being unable to take Tom Brady with them. :cool:

I agree with this to an extent...but Belichick was able to go 10-6 with a QB who never even started a college football game. Although maybe they were cheating again? Who knows... :)
I agree with this to an extent...but Belichick was able to go 10-6 with a QB who never even started a college football game.
And Jim Zorn went 8-8 with Jason Campbell in his first season as a head coach. Respectable? Sure. But ultimately, like The Hoody, not good enough to make the playoffs.
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Belichick also had the benefit of a decade's worth of institutional momentum going when he went 10-6 without Brady. Hell, the 49ers won a Super Bowl with the forgettable George Seifert as Head Coach the year after Bill Walsh retired.

Cassell was a product of that momentum; drafted for a specific niche, groomed, plugged in to an offensive machine ... not unlike say, Mark Rypien. The trick for Belichick will be to show one day, after Brady has been gone for a year or two, that his record before Brady---with Cleveland and then his first couple of years in NE with Bledsoe---which is average at best, was the anomaly.

Hey, Bill may be The Genius most people seem to think he is. I'm just not buying it whole cloth until I see him have continued success w/o one of the top QB's of all time. Without Brady he's been Just Another Guy---the records are there. He's going to have to convince me that it's not coincidence that we went from JAG to Genius literally overnite when Tom Brady stepped on the field.
I don't even know if I'd put Belichick at the "genius" level - there was that whole cheating scandal mixed in. Would they have won 3 superbowls without cheating? Who's to say...but even a QB with the talent of Tom Brady can benefit from knowing the defense's calls and coverages before the game. :)

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