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Jul 15, 2009
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For my own benefit and with your help of course I wanted to have one place where I could write down all of the unanswered questions I have about the current Coach/GM/Staff. Some of these questions are about this year, some are older. All the wild speculation is giving me a headache and I was amazed at how many of these questions I couldn't answer with any certainty, so I'll throw them to the wolves and see what you fine folks can come up with. Ultimately wins and losses are the only stats that matter, but what I'd like to know is.....

- What was Dan Snyder’s involvement, if any, in drafting RGIII other than giving final blessing?

- What was Dan’s involvement, if any, in bringing in Donavan McNabb other than giving final blessing?

- Who was responsible for making the decision that led to the cap penalty? Was it Shanahan, Allen, Snyder, any combination of two or all three?

- If RGIII wasn’t ready for the season, why did Shanahan start him?

- What is Kyle Shanahan’s role in the deteriorating relationship between QB and head coach?

- Was Shanahan looking for an excuse to sit RGIII? If so why?

- Is RGIII an "uncoachable" diva? (that might explain the above question)

- Do any players have RGIII's back? I haven't heard any of them running to his defense. If you have please list it.

- Who made the call not to trade Haynesworth when he still had value?

- Has RGIII or anyone in his circle received special treatment from the owner outside of what he has done for other players?

- What is Bruce Allen’s involvement in talent evaluation for free agency and the draft?

- Does Dan Snyder have any involvement in this talent evaluation for free agency or the draft?

- What is RG2's contact, if any, with with the coaches or owner?

- Was Dan Snyder in fact the second shooter on the grassy knoll?

Those are all I can come up with off the top of my head. Feel free to add your own. Speculation is not welcome! That’s what just about every other post on the board is for. I’d like to keep this one for your questions and any actual answers we have.
I'd suggest submitting your questions to DS and MS. They're the only ones with the answers, and they're not talking.

All we know for sure is that our franchise sucks right now...and it has pretty much since DS bought the team.

That was kinda my point, although I'm not opposed to people coming up with actual answers.
The only one, I know for certain is DS wasn't the second shooter on the grassy knool... :)
I love your questions, intent, and wish we had those answers. Judging the franchise's state correctly and the best path forward is impossible without those answers.

It's a damn shame it's left up to Snyder.
Even your 'we knows' aren't 'facts' tr1. I didn't interpret Griffin's comments about the opponent knowing what was coming as Griffin throwing Kyle under the bus, I thought he was just expressing that everything the offense did was well- defended. Could it have been a shot? I guess. But that's an opinion and only Griffin knows if it was a 'shot'.
eh. I have been in these on-line Redskins wank fests since Boone, Om, Art, and others first crossed paths years ago. The pattern has been patented: the Skins let us down, everyone grows angry and frustrated, people lash out….often irrationally. been there multiple times myself.

tired of the whole dynamic. not productive. reality: Snyder, Shanahan, Allen, RG, Cousins, the whole friggin cast of characters: they have done some dumb things, they have done some bad things, they have done some good things. the challenge is to take the good things and build on them. the bad/stupid things are good for lessons learned. which points to the only thing that matters in all of this: the way ahead. and that has to start with the good things. we fans have grown too accustomed to disappointment and responding with a "blow the whole thing up and start over" mentality. I know I have. well, those days are over - for me. we can take what is good, work with what is on hand, shape a plan for evolving into something better…or we can keep voiding into the wind, proselytizing how much we hate one or another individual and how horribly everything sucks.

time for fans to suck it up, mature a bit, and focus on the path ahead….not the past. doubly difficult for we Skins fans since the last two decades provide every reason to draw the proverbial line in the sand. but that just doesn't get us anywhere - does it?

Snyder, Shanahan, Allen, coaches and players, whether you are here or not down the road, your obligation is to improve this team. you are getting paid to do that. you have something to work with.

get it done.
i think you're spot on fansince62, other than i don't know what cousins has contributed to the situation at all. as far as i can tell he's just being the company man and doing what he's told.
i think you're spot on fansince62, other than i don't know what cousins has contributed to the situation at all. as far as i can tell he's just being the company man and doing what he's told.

wasn't singling out Cousins in any fingerpointing sense. He's just one among many who is part of the drama.

TR1's post/link is interesting. tries to tie everything back to a Shanahan/Griffin conflict driven in part by Snyder socializing with the player. not convinced. I think Shanahan is old school who wants control over everything - not someone focused on two particular individuals and their relationship. works when you're winning! not so much when you are losing.

and we are losing this season because Griifin was hurt and rushed back into service. no doubt about that in my mind. add in limited help in the secondary, no help on the d-line and a change in offensive strategy that was never really practiced because of Robert's injury and of necessity placed greater emphasis in an area of weakness for the o-line - and you have disaster built into the script.

Shanahan was signed to a contract. he's gonna do it his way. I'm down with that. and when the contract is done….judge him by the results.
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One thing we know for sure.

Albert Haynesworth was due a $21M roster bonus in March of 2010 and Shanahan had the decision as GM whether to honor that bonus or release Albert and eat the prorate of the initial bonus in 2009.

He asked Albert if he was willing to work, Albert said yes and he received his money.

It was clearly a case of a player telling someone what they wanted to hear.

That is what set us on the path towards trying to flush all that money into the uncapped year when Albert blew up on the team and became a real cancer.

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