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Pre-training camp article- points


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Jul 16, 2009
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“Who am I? Why am I here?”

Admiral James Stockdale began his introductory segment of the 1992 vice presidential debates with that peculiar opening, as if running on Ross Perot’s ticket weren’t weird enough.

Let me begin the same way (no, not by running on Ross Perot’s ticket), while assuring one and all I am not asking any questions to which I do not know the answers. Who am I? I am your new correspondent here at Redskins.com. I am beginning my 32nd season covering the National Football League, though for the first time not as a grubby newspaper typist.

I spent the past 25 years with USA TODAY, touring training camps, interviewing coaches and players, writing about games and issues, schlepping across the continent from the preseason through the Super Bowl while laying waste to breakfast buffets at fine hotels. Why am I here? To continue to do the same (no, not laying waste to breakfast buffets), with more multimedia emphasis and more focus on the Redskins.

I’ll be writing a column about the Redskins and another about the NFL, bringing to you (if I’m lucky) a little perspective, insight and humor. You’ll see me on TV and hear me on radio and wish you were only hearing me on TV when you actually see me.

Jason Campbell is the point man...
for more points. (Getty Images)This is a new and different experience on so many counts. There’s no printed product to put my hands on in the morning, no sports section with a bylined piece by yours truly. I’ve had an abiding love of newspapers since I was a kid, when I read them avidly and delivered them with unerring accuracy (if hitting shrubs, windows and flower pots counts as accuracy).


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