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Practice Squad Realities


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Jul 19, 2009
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Bethesda Md
I keep reading that players cut from the training camp roster are 'locks' to make the practice squad and be developed by the team over time.

This is far from certain. The Redskins are actively searching the cut lists for players they might have wanted to draft in April and are now available.

There also may be players available at positions where the Redskins are currently thin in terms of developmental talent.

So, I would be cautious in reading into the situation that Keith Eloi, Dominique Dorsey, Cody Glenn or any of the other players cut are necessarily shoe-ins for the practice squad.

It's also true that the composition of the practice squad changes during the season as players are claimed by other teams in need at a certain position and those individuals are put on the active roster.

By the end of the year last year promising September cuts Matteral Richardson and Andrew Crummey were both claimed by other teams and were replaced by others.

While the Redskins might sign back a number of the recent cuts, I would not be surprised to see half the 8 man squad being players coming over from other teams.
So far the Skins have signed 5 to the PS:

Lendy Holmes S Undrafted Rookie
Rob Jackson DE 2008 7th-round Draft Pick
Trent Shelton WR First-year Player
J.D. Skolnitsky DE Undrafted Rookie
Eddie Williams FB

Antonio Dixon, a guy I liked for the PS has been signed by the Eagles.
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But Chase Daniel and Keith Eloi are not coming back. Neither are Alridge or Dorsey.

The Redskins reportedly are close to signing Woodson from the Giants and he appears to have better prospects as a developmental quarterback.

Losing Dixon to the Eagles is tough as AD is a good story and more importantly a guy that has the size and work ethic to make it.

He simply got caught up in a fierce numbers game at DT here.

Ironic isn't it that a player like Dixon that 3 years ago would have been an automatic add to the active roster didn't even make the cut.
The Skins FO must have made some good moves and the Skins must have some talent.

Glenn was signed by the Colts (PS)
Daniel picked up by the Saints (PS)
Dixon active roster of the Eagles.....

I like the Woodson move, you still get your developmental QB and a guy who could help play Eli on the scout team.......win-win.
a little surprised seeing the skolnitsky kid signed; only noticed him when he would miss a tackle, BUT, i'm rooting for him -- being a local virginia boy and everything!
The composition of the practice squad may change during the season as needs change and guys are signed away to the active roster of other clubs.
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