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Poll: Will McNabb Start Anywhere in 2011?

Will McNabb start in the NFL in 2011?

  • Yes

    Votes: 11 100.0%
  • No

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Interesting article here:


And by interesting, I mean depressing. Given that, apparently, according to this article, no one in the NFL wanted McNabb last off season, and we STILL offered a 2nd. Super. I hate remembering trades Vinny ma...

Wait, what? ****. :doh1::wall::soapbox::rifle::bigcry::cuss::kungfu::puke::argue:

Anyway, if you think McNabb will start, where? And assuming it is not with us, what can we get in a trade, or do we just release him?
I say yes. Arizona and Minnesota could be options for him. And who knows - maybe DC.
Yeah, I think DC may be more likely than any of us want to admit.

If Minny or Zona, how does he get there?
With our current roster, and dim prospects of getting another quality QB this offseason, I think it would be exceedingly stupid to get rid of him
"Hard to trade him" is a far cry from "nobody wanted him as their starter."
I look at the key qoute of the article:

Pompei brings up an excellent point by reminding us how difficult it was for the Eagles to trade McNabb last April. Philadelphia spent months trying to work out a deal with McNabb before Washington gave in and agreed to give up a second-round pick.

It makes us look even more stupid for caving in because if the Eagles could not trade him to someone else or re-negotiate a deal with him it is entirely possible they would have released him and saved themselves both money and trouble.

The McNabb deal and the Jamal Brown deal were both bad decisions because we gave up draft picks for players that under performed and in all likihood could have been obtained without giving up draft picks.

The silver lining on this is, McNabb is due a lot of money if he stays with the team under his current contract. However, if the team releases him after the draft, and other teams offer him little based upon his poor performance, he could be brought back for less money.

Basically, the team would be taking the same tactic with him that they are doing with Portis. They would be welcomed back, even though they are not the future, for a year or two for reasonable money while the team works on get younger, stronger, and faster.
I hope it works out with Mcnabb on the Skins roster. I realize that his accuracy problems are hard to overlook. On the other hand the recievers dropped alot of balls as well. Add in a porous Oline and inconsistent running game to the equation.
With a marginally improved Oline those accuracy numbers should improve. If that should happen his stock would improve allowing the Skins to regain some sembelance of value for a trade they have already made.
IMHO the largest problem however is the relationship/ trust issues between the Shannys and Mcnabb. Kyle sure doesn't seem to want to go in that direction and Mike hasn't exactly clarified his position in the matter.
I honestly believe the confusion and sometimes incoherant dialog from Mike in regards to Mcnabb are a direct result of his own attempt to shoulder the burden of the bad relationship between Kyle and Mcnabb.
I'm speculating of course and could be mistaken. If I'm correct, I'm uncertain if that situation is beyond repair. If they could find some common ground it would add another option as far as upgrading the roster in other positions.
If someone tells me that Mcnabb isn't the Qb he once was I couldn't disagree. On the other hand if one tells me that the team will be better off with Cam Newton as Qb playing behind the same Oline....I'd have to disagree.
I think McNabb would have probably been moved before the draft if it weren’t for the labor issues. I think there might be some interest in McNabb from several teams especially from AZ and Minny as has been discussed before in a lot of places. Couple of things to think about here that make moves to AZ or Minny seem more plausible:

Let’s look at AZ first. You have a team that’s a couple of years removed from a Super Bowl appearance. They have a top 5 NFL caliber receiver and nobody to throw the ball to them. More importantly you have a front office and head coach who are coming off a disappointing season and who may be feeling some pressure. Whisenhunt’s job is not safe and drafting and developing a rookie QB is not good for head coach job security. Nothing screws up expectations like a trip to the Super Bowl. Makes Kurt Warner look a lot better too.

In Minny you have a new coach so he has some room to breathe since he’s new to the job (I think) BUT you have the whole “we need a new stadium or we’re going to move” stuff going on. I could be wrong but the last time I paid any attention to that situation it was still up in the air. The Vikings fans I know were expecting at least another playoff appearance last year that they didn’t get due in large part to inconsistent QB play. I haven’t met one person who thought Tavaris Jackson was the answer there. Would anyone want to trade him straight up for Donovan? I think I’d pass. Maybe the new coach thinks differently. From where I sit you have a playoff caliber team if you can just find a QB. They are built to win right now. There aren’t too many situations like that in the league.
Yes. He'll start in DC.
With Carson Palmer wanting out of Cincy, I'd throw the Bungles into the mix as well.
I don't see McNabb suiting up for us next season.... I do see him starting for another team once he's released....Minny..AZ...9ers...would be my best guesses
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I think he will go to the obvious teams - Minny, 49ers, Bengals, Titans. I really do not see him going to the Cardinals. He is linked to them because he lives in that area and works out there, but I do not think he fits. Just like he did not fit here.

He really needs to go to a team that dumps the ball off a lot or he will not be happy. I know Wisenhunt wants a vet, and even with his declining skills, Bulger may be their guy.

I really believe that McNabb will be a Titan and hopefully for a mid round pick.
Yeah, I think DC may be more likely than any of us want to admit.

If Minny or Zona, how does he get there?

I'll personally drive him there. Of course, he'll be riding bitch on the back of my bike.

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