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Poll-trade down scenerio-pick at 15

who do we pick at 15

  • Trent Williams OT Oklahoma

    Votes: 3 42.9%
  • Taylor Mays FS Southern California

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Anthony Davis OT Rutgers

    Votes: 2 28.6%
  • Everson Griffin DE Southern California

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Mike Iupati OG Idaho

    Votes: 1 14.3%
  • Sean Weatherspoon LB Missouri

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Bruce Campbell OT Maryland

    Votes: 1 14.3%
  • Dan Williams DT Tennessee

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Maurkice Pouncey C Florida

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Ryan Matthews RB Fresno State

    Votes: 0 0.0%

  • Total voters


The 1st Round Pick
Jul 16, 2009
Reaction score
Using the trade value chart our first goes for 15, 47,79- though I doubt we would get this. Anyway, this is a good way to learn the players.

Trent Williams OT Oklahoma
Ideal bulk --- Fantastic athlete --- Quick --- Agile --- Nimble feet --- Good balance --- Natural knee bender --- Moves well laterally --- Mobile with range to get to the second level --- Can hit a moving target --- Great strength --- Stout at the point of attack --- Gets a good push in the run game --- Able to adjust and recover when beat --- Understands positioning and excels at sealing off defenders --- Solid instincts and awareness --- Violent initial punch --- Tough --- Nasty with a killer instinct --- Has a lot of experience against top competition --- Versatile.

A tad shorter than you'd prefer --- Doesn't have real long arms --- Has leverage and pad level lapses --- Motor and concentration wane at times --- Battled some minor injuries --- Work ethic's been questioned.


Taylor Mays FS Southern California *
Fantastic size with a chiseled physique --- Terrific athlete --- Excellent timed speed --- Quick and agile --- Explosive with a burst --- Smooth with fluid hips --- Great leaping ability --- Superb range --- Extremely aggressive --- Very strong --- Tough --- Violent hitter --- Does a superb job in run support --- Able to turn and run in coverage --- Reads and reacts well --- Smart and a student of the game --- Outstanding work ethic --- A team player --- Productive --- Durable --- A ton of experience versus elite competition --- Quality bloodlines --- Top program pedigree.

Questionable instincts and awareness --- Poor ball skills --- Average hands --- Not a reliable tackler --- Takes some bad angles --- Doesn't always play as fast as he times --- Will have trouble matching up with wideouts in man coverage --- Plays too tall at times --- Struggles in space --- Too often gets preoccupied with delivering the knockout blow.

Anthony Davis OT Rutgers *
Height: 6-5 | Weight: 323 | 40-Time: 5.40 "
Ideal height and bulk with long arms --- Terrific athleticism --- Nimble feet to move well laterally, slide and mirror --- Quick --- Fantastic agility and balance --- Can protect the edge versus speed rushers --- Has the ability to adjust and recover --- Displays a good grasp of positioning and angles --- Naturally strong and powerful --- Gets a nice push in the run game --- A violent initial punch --- Plays with a nasty demeanor and finishes blocks --- Has range to the second level and can handle himself in space --- Solid instincts and awareness --- Still has a ton of upside.
Issues with weight and conditioning --- Motor, intensity and aggression are all inconsistent --- Is not overly stout at the point of attack --- Does not use hands well --- Gets caught leaning / lunging --- Won't always explode off the ball --- Terrible work ethic --- Is Unreliable --- Immature.

Everson Griffin DE Southern California
Adequate height --- Terrific bulk --- Very athletic and explosive --- Great speed with a burst --- Excellent strength --- Violent hand use --- Shows a varied repertoire of pass rush moves --- Can bend off the edge --- Big hitter and a reliable tackler --- Does a nice job in pursuit and closes in a hurry --- Great range and comfortable in space --- Considerable upside.

Short arms --- Inconsistent with a poor motor --- Questionable instincts and awareness --- Undisciplined when it comes to assignments --- Not a great run defender --- Doesn't play up to weight room numbers --- Is not real tough or competitive --- Mediocre production --- Underachiever.

Mike Iupati OG Idaho
Excellent height and bulk --- Huge frame with long arms --- Outstanding strength --- Physical and aggressive --- Superb athlete with good quickness and agility --- Mobile with great range --- Dominant once locked on --- Uses his hands well --- Explosive with a violent initial punch --- Stout at the point of attack --- Gets a terrific push in the run game --- Appears to be a natural knee bender --- Wide base and nice balance --- Has a mean streak and finishes his blocks --- Solid instincts and awareness --- Intense and Competitive --- Hard Worker --- Team Leader --- Offers positional versatility --- Still has considerable upside.

Is still raw and learning the game --- Footwork and technique will need refinement --- Feet aren't overly nimble --- Concentration will lapse at times --- Has some trouble in space --- Gets caught reaching --- Minor communication issues --- Did not always play against elite competition.

Sean Weatherspoon LB Missouri *
Good size and bulk --- Very athletic --- Great speed --- Has a burst and really closes in a hurry ---Quick and agile --- Solid instincts --- Reliable tackler and a powerful hitter --- Has sideline-to-sideline range --- Nice balance and body control --- Great strength --- Works through traffic well --- Capable pass rusher and blitzer --- Very smooth and fluid in coverage --- Good hands and ball skills --- Tough and physical --- Active with a non-stop motor --- Smart --- Hard worker --- Team leader --- Has a ton of quality experience --- Durable --- Versatile --- Super productive.

There isn't a lot of violence in his game --- Has some trouble taking on and shedding blockers --- Can use his hands better --- Takes too long to read the action on occasion --- Appears to be a little stiff --- Doesn't always play with proper pad level --- Can be overly aggressive at times.


Bruce Campbell OT Maryland

Prototypical height and bulk with long arms and big hands --- Rare athleticism --- Fantastic quickness and agility --- A natural knee bender with nimble feet --- Moves well laterally to slide and mirror --- Excels in pass pro --- Can protect the edge and handle speed rushers --- Is able to sustain blocks and control defenders --- Great range to pull and get to the second level --- Outstanding strength --- Still has a lot of upside.

Inexperienced --- Questionable instincts and awareness --- Does not have great balance --- Raw when it comes to leverage, footwork and hand use --- Doesn't get much of a push in the run game --- Gets out of control in space --- Struggles to adjust and redirect --- Does not consistently finish blocks --- Lacks a violent punch --- Doesn't play up to his weight room numbers --- Maturity ? --- Health and Durability issues

Dan Williams DT Tennessee
Excellent bulk --- Good quickness and athleticism --- Fantastic brute strength --- Great range --- Does a terrific job in pursuit --- Outstanding run defender --- Stout at the point of attack --- Able to take on and occupy multiple blockers --- Gets a nice push up the middle --- Powerful tackler --- Solid bull-rusher --- Good instincts and awareness --- Offers schematic versatility --- Has lots of quality experience --- Still improving.

Extremely inconsistent --- Effort / Motor runs hot and cold --- Does not always use proper leverage --- Limited repertoire of moves --- Will not offer much as a pass rusher --- Average hand use --- Struggles to get off blocks at times --- Has serious issues with conditioning and stamina.

Maurkice Pouncey C Florida *
Prototypical size --- Excellent athlete --- Nimble feet --- Great balance, agility and quickness --- Smart --- Terrific instincts and awareness --- Is very strong, physical and aggressive --- Understands positioning and angles --- Consistently out leverages opponents --- Stout at the point of attack --- Gets a good push in the run game --- Mobile with terrific range to pull and get to the second level --- Competitive and a finisher who plays with a nasty demeanor --- Tough --- Hard Worker --- Team Leader --- Versatile --- Has a lot of experience against top competition.

Shorter arms than you'd prefer --- Trouble sustaining blocks --- Gets caught reaching and lunging at times --- Some issues adjusting in space --- Too aggressive on occasion --- Most snaps were shotgun and will have to adjust to a traditional offense --- Minor durability concerns.


Ryan Matthews RB Fresno State
Ryan Matthews
5'11, 220 pounds | Running back | Fresno State
1. Acceleration/Burst/Quickness: Tremendous quickness and change of direction ability. Consistently balance allows him to get full force on his cuts. Can get to top speed as he hits the second level of the defense. Lacks the top notch speed in the open field but the short area burst makes him appear to be faster than he is.
Ball Protection: Holds the ball high and tight to his body. Strong grip, ball is rarely away from his body even when evading tacklers in space. Has 3 career fumbles despite 535 carries.
Elusiveness/Feet/Agility: Makes defenders miss in traffic. Makes himself small despite possessing a big frame. Very loose hips and light feet before the burst is turned on. Can run through a defender but prefers to make them miss with the short area quickness.
Pass Catching: Only 19 career receptions. Was often taken off the field on passing downs. Does not have a lot of experience running routes. Rare to see the ball thrown his way.
Pass Blocking: Does not have as much experience as a pass blocker as you would like. However he is capable. Shows aggression and strength when stepping to defend the blitz. Willing to stick his hat in there. Does not hold a block well, basically a one pop blocker.
Power: Easily runs his way through arm tackles. Consistently gains yards after contact. Runs with great pad level and gets each one of his 220 pounds behind the inside runs. Can lower his shoulder and push a pile of 4-5 defenders backward, tremendous leg drive.
Size/Length/Hand Size: Has the ideal body for a back that carries the ball 20+ times per game. Has balanced strength from head to toe, but enough flexibility to remain agile and quick throughout all levels of the defense. Legs are muscular and stout.
Speed: Lacks the top tier speed in the open field, but has the extra gear to run away from most defenders. One of those guys that will play faster than he times. If he has the initial angle advantage, he almost always beats the defender to the intersection.
Vision/Balance/Running Instincts: A natural runner with the ball in his hands. Anticipates running lanes before they open up. Top tier balance that spends very little time gathering himself after a broken tackle. Constantly moving forward with plenty of force.
Wow! I have been a trade down proponent the whole way, but at 15 I just don't know. I was thinking the Browns were our best chance for a trade since they have a number of extra picks, but who would they be willing to trade for?

If the trade is to 15 then I just don't know. Anthony Davis was ranked close to Okung going into the combine, his stock seems to be falling. This is where I had hoped to see Bulaga, but his stock is on the rise. Watching Bruce Campbell run the 40 under 5 seconds at his size has me extremely curious but he is probably not the wise choice here. Trent Williams seems to be the safest choice here, but some have him gone by now.

Iupati? Or do we need a tackle more, especially with the talent pool at the tackle position. Maybe grabbing Charles Brown in the second? Same for Pouncey, but is he really worth a pick this high?

I can tell you I do not want an RB here, I would rather use the pick we gained taking Dexter McCluster somewhere around the late second round or early third.

Trent Williams would have to be my choice here, but I want Bruce Campbell, he seems to have the most upside of any of these players.
San Fran I think has picks #13 and #17.

I would be happy to Trade the #4 for those and a 3rd rounder.
I am going Bruce Campbell at this pick even though I think it is a little high. I would have Trent Williams, but then I read some negative things about him recently that I just don't like in any player:

Conditioning is a concern - does not like the weight room and appeared to carry a sloppy midsection. Can be slow off the snap and lax with back-side assignments. Needs to do a better job sustaining blocks. Will dip his head and fall off blocks. Can be mentally overloaded against the blitz (see Sam Bradford injury vs. BYU). Suspect commitment to the game. Was not voted a team captain. Marches to the beat of his own drum and lacks passion for the game. Skates by relying too much on his natural athletic ability. Too flashy and easily distracted and has a diva attitude.

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