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Pimp the Poll: Who starts at RB?

To me, the single, biggest factor today was Ldell Betts. He had several runs over 5 yards, something we have struggled at all year. It's Betts for me.
right now I think the choice is clear. Betts was productive and isn't suffering the after-affects of a concussion. For his own health I would keep Portis out 3 weeks in any event.

I agree, though, with Brian Mitchell, that this team HAS to start and play the player that are the most productive and if that means sitting some big egos and paychecks along the way until 2010 so be it :D
I think Portis needs to sit at least one more week just for health reasons however, today's output was not all Betts. The line has not blocked that well for weeks and on the few plays they didn't, Betts had no better luck than Portis has been seeing.

We just saw Westbrook suffer a 2nd concussion today. The last thing I want to see is another player suffer a 2nd concussion after just having one.

Yeah, Betts is the hot hand now- so strategy dictates you go with him anyway, but if CP is still having headaches and ringing.....sit the man.

What the point anyway, the Skins are 3-6 there is no reason to put somebody's future health in jeopardy over a crappy losing season.
We need to play whoever is running the best, even if it's Hunter Smith.

Ride Betts and Cartwright until they run out of steam or are no longer productive. Maybe the break will heal Portis' mangina and he can be effective again
Portis 3-4 years ago would still have been able to get yardage behind this line. Perhaps not on an every down basis, but breaking the 10-15 yard runs when the channel was open. That's what Betts did yesterday.

Right now, Portis is just not the same back he was in 2005 or 2007. He is older, slower, heavier and has some serious injury problems beyond the concussion. The ankle is probably going to require surgery after the season.

I'll bet that Portis is no better than a 4.6 or 4.7 rusher now in terms of straight line speed with the ankle and he has no quickness to get beyond the first level of the defense.

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