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Phillip Daniels


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Feb 11, 2012
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Chicago, IL
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What's up everybody? Just found out about this site. Well I guess I will have to post on both now. Lol ... I love coming on and reading the posts. Some are funny and some are just informative. I also have a new site that I want all of you to join. It's my Legends page and I need more Redskins representing on there. I think the Beagles represent Mike Vick well on there and I need all of you to come and rep the Skins. It is a really nice site so come check it out and there are a lot of athletes on there that are the real ones if you know what I mean. Also if you have not done so join my twitter page. I will leave both sites below so click on them and join please. I'm glad I found out about this site. Don't want to leave anyone out when saying hello from time to time. Thanks so much for you time and please join my pages. Love yall and HTTR www.sotl.com/phillipdaniels www.twitter.com/PhilDaniels93
The Real Deal Phil!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

It's great to see you here. We miss seeing you and that number 93 on the dline in DC. We're a smaller group here, but it is a lot of fun. But watch out for the QB threads - we have every opinion and every solution. :)

Welcome aboard. You will always have friends with the Redskins faithful.
So - in the interest of tranparency, pmed Mr. Daniels on another site - and BAM! Here he is. That's the kind of great guy and player Phillip Daniels is.

Thanks for sharing with us and hope you'll stop by and visit with us occasionally :cheers:

Make sure you all join Phillip's website www.sotl.com/phillipdaniels www.twitter.com/PhilDaniels93
Welcome aboard! Glad to see you join us. Hope you are well and Congrats on your boy going to Notre Dame, even though I am Seminole! If I remember correctly, you told me at the ES Tailgate he was red-shirted this year.

:cheers: to a very successful collegiate career for him! And once again, welcome aboard!
We love you #93!
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Welcome aboard! Glad to see you join us. Hope you are well and Congrats on your boy going to Notre Dame, even though I am Seminole! If I remember correctly, you told me at the ES Tailgate he was red-shirted this year.

:cheers: to a very successful collegiate career for him! And once again, welcome aboard!

Yes he was redshirted and is locked and loaded for a great year next season. Thanks for having me.
Welcome to our humble corner of the internet, sir. Thanks for stopping by.
Big News for Big Phil! Congrats!

The Washington Redskins on Friday announced the hiring of former defensive end Phillip Daniels as director of player development.

Daniels played in the NFL 15 seasons, including his final six with the Redskins. The team cut the then-38-year old Daniels prior to the start of the 2011 training camp, but Coach Mike Shanahan offered the veteran a spot on his coaching staff. Daniels declined at the time, hoping to catch on with another team, but never did.

“We welcome Phillip back to the Redskins family,” Redskins general manager Bruce Allen said in a press release. “His 15 years of NFL experience will be a great asset for our football team.”

Said Daniels, “I’m really looking forward to helping our players and team win, on and off the field.”

Saw this a while ago - awesome news. Phil is family and it is great to see him back in the fold. :)
Way cool on both counts, PD, having you here and with the Skins as Director of Player Development.
Congrats sir ...that is just awesome. I love that we are keeping guys around that have fire and passion. You were a great Redskin and how cool is it that you'll continue to be a great Redskin?

Not to mention - it couldn't happen to a nicer guy :cheers:
Checking out PD's site. Pretty cool. I like this quote he recently posted:

"The first to apologize is the bravest, the first to forgive is the strongest, and the first to forget is the happiest"

I think I might just bookmark the place.

Welcome aboard, and congrats on the job! I love it when a Redskin stays a Redskin. :)
Congrats on your new position PD. Good for you and good for the Skins!
I was really glad to hear the team brought you back Phil!! No matter how young a team gets, I really feel it needs to hold onto any really solid people that they can count on and I think you've shown enough to all of us to qualify! I'm glad that they found a role for you within the team! Congratulations! And welcome home!
Welcome to the site, PD!

Sorry I missed this thread earlier, was enjoying some holiday weekend time with the family. Really glad to have you on board....many of us here don't spend too much time over at ES anymore. I can't speak for the rest of the folks here, but I was getting tired of all the knee-jerk, sky is falling chatter over there. Much more humane here.

On the other hand, we do tend to spin our wheels sometimes with sheer conjecture. It'll be nice to have you here to bring some "insider" perspective. It'll keep us honest and give us something else to chirp about.

In any case, great to have you here......it'll be a fun ride.
Glad #93 decided to join us. When I get back home Friday will join his sites. Having senior moment and can't remember my twitter info.

Welcome, Phil. Glad your leadership and stability will continue to have a positive impact on the Skins.
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