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PFT: Rumors fly of Jammal Brown to the Redskins


On Friday, rumors began to circulate regarding a possible trade that would send defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth from the Redskins to the Saints for left tackle Jammal Brown.In lieu of burying the rumor in paragraph 7, we chased the story...

So let me get this right Florio?

There's either been a trade made, there hasn't been a trade made, or it's just a rumor? And all of the above may, or may not involve Albert Haynesworth.

Gotcha :punk:
Enough with PFT already.

Adam Schefter and others are reporting that he's already in Washington and that the deal is done pending a physical today. The current plan is for him to play right tackle and Williams to stay at left.

OL upgrade baby!!!

Here's a link where you'll find early and accurate reporting on the Washington Redskins : http://twitter.com/Adam_Schefter
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Trent Williams and Jammal Brown can play either OT position. But plan will be to start with Williams at LT and Brown at RT. Could change.

Trade between Washington and New Orleans for OT Jammal Brown definitely does not involve Redskins DT Albert Haynesworth.

No word on official compensation from Washington to New Orleans, but it's thought to be tied to Jammal Brown's performance in 2010.

OT Jammal Brown landed in Washington minutes ago. He is scheduled to undergo his physical today. If he passes, the trade will be complete.
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While I believe this move was in the works before this past week, I think that this is a great PR move. It was important for the Redskins to move past the whole Fat Albert fiasco. This trade gives the Redskins' a new headline to take the focus off the fat tub of lard!

Playoffs now!~
Hard not to like this one. 13th overall pick, sixth year guy, prior to last year's injury was durable as hell, Pro Bowl resume. For a conditional that's likely not to be all that high. Assuming he's healed from the hip and ready to play, he's adds instant credibility to the tackle depth chart.
Who the hell ARE these Redskins? Sensible moves to acquire proven players at need positions for reasonable prices?

Why are they messing with us so? :)
I really wanted to start a new thread without the PFT and rumor references :)


Adam Schefter

The Washington Redskins and New Orleans Saints have agreed on a deal for Pro Bowl offensive tackle Jammal Brown, according to a team source.

The trade is subject to a physical. Brown flew to Washington mid-afternoon Saturday, and is scheduled to undergo the physical later in the day.

The Saints' compensation in the deal is tied to the Redskins' trade with the Eagles for quarterback Donovan McNabb.

After Saturday's trade for Brown, Washington will be without its third- and fourth-round picks in 2011, but it also will be getting back a later pick from New Orleans, according to a league source.

Washington owes the Eagles a third- or fourth-round pick in 2011 for McNabb, based on how the quarterback plays or the team performs. If the Redskins win nine games, or go to the playoffs, or McNabb gets selected to the Pro Bowl, then Philadelphia will receive Washington's third-round pick and New Orleans will get Washington's fourth. If none of those happen, then the Eagles will get the Redskins' fourth-round pick and the Saints will get the Redskins' third-round pick.

If the Saints recieve Washington's fourth-round pick, then the Redskins will get a sixth- or seventh-round pick back from the Saints. However, if Washington's fourth-round pick goes to Philadelphia, then the Redskins get fifth-round pick from New Orleans.

There is also a conditional 2012 sixth-round pick involved. Should Brown play 90 percent of the plays next season or get voted to the Pro Bowl, then Washington will send its 2012 sixth-round pick to New Orleans. After Saturday's trade, Washington has six picks left in the 2011 draft.
So ... why is he here? Figured we'd better get ahead of that before the really cynical among us assume it's simply because the Saints don't think he can play any more. :)


New Orleans Saints tackle Jammal Brown can't wait to return to playing field

Published: Saturday, February 27, 2010, 11:34 PM
Updated: Monday, March 01, 2010, 8:33 PM

Mike Triplett, The Times-Picayune

Jammal Brown, the Saints' starting left tackle until he was sidelined by injury this season, is eager to return to action.

While most of the Saints are still reveling in their Super Bowl championship, at least one player is thrilled that the 2010 season is finally here.

Left tackle Jammal Brown has been stuck on the sideline since he had surgeries to repair a sports hernia and a torn labrum in his left hip last August and September.

The two-time Pro Bowler is so eager to get back to work that he plans to leave today for Southern California, where he'll spend the next month and a half working out at the Elite Athletics training center run by Saints teammate Billy Miller.

"I didn't play last year, so while other people are taking some time off, I'm going to pick it up, " said Brown, who said he has mostly been focused on stretching and flexibility so far, and now he wants to concentrate on getting his strength back.

"I feel real good. I've been doing good for a while, " Brown said. "I want to show that I've been working and I'm ready to get back."

The Saints will report for the start of their official offseason conditioning program in mid-April, about two weeks later than usual because of their extra-long season.

The Saints might consider trade offers for Brown or replacement starter Jermon Bushrod, both of whom are restricted free agents this year.

But if both players come back for another season, it could make for the most compelling position battle on the roster.

"I just look at it as a business. I know what I can do. They know what I can do, " said Brown, who was the Saints' first-round draft pick out of Oklahoma in 2005. "They understand my capabilities, and the last year I played I had a Pro Bowl year. And the same with Bushrod, he played well (in 2009).

"However it goes, I'm just going to work hard and keep the faith that things will work out. I'm going to go out here and work and see where it goes from there."

Brown, who turns 29 next month, has the more impressive resume, having started for four years at a high level. But he also has a more concerning injury history.

In addition to his most recent injuries, he has battled a string of knee injuries dating back to college, though he hasn't had any major knee surgeries in his NFL career.

"I've never really had any major serious problems (with the knee), just a couple of scopes (arthroscopic surgeries). That's never been a big factor, " said Brown, who also pointed out that he suffered his hip injury during Week 3 of the 2008 season and played the entire season through the pain of what was originally diagnosed as a "hip flexor."

"I just kept playing through it. You know, football's a tough sport, " said Brown.

He said the full extent of the injury was discovered after he was having groin and hip pain this past preseason and went in for the sports hernia surgery.

Bushrod, meanwhile, filled in admirably after Brown went on injured reserve and showed promise in the role. Although the 25-year-old had one particularly bad night against Dallas' elite pass rusher DeMarcus Ware in Week 15, he bounced back with an outstanding playoff run.

Coach Sean Payton said it's too early to handicap that potential battle, saying nobody's name will be written on top of the depth chart, at least until the team gets a good feel for Brown's health.

"That's a good problem to have, " Payton said of the depth at tackle, which also includes starting right tackle Jon Stinchcomb and proven backup Zach Strief, who is also a restricted free agent. "You still have some flexibility, but right now that would be a good problem to have."

The Saints made one-year qualifying offers to all three of their restricted free agent tackles -- Brown, Bushrod and Strief -- though it's possible that other teams who aren't as well-equipped at one of the game's most important positions will make a run at one or more of them in free agency.

The Saints' offer to Brown was the highest, a $3.619 million contract, which includes the highest possible compensation level of both first- and third-round draft picks if he signs with another team and the Saints decline to match the offer.

But Brown's offer was required to be that high because he had a base salary of $3.29 million last season, and qualifying offers to restricted free agents must include a 10 percent raise.

Bushrod and Strief were both tendered at second-round compensation levels, at salaries of $1.684 million and $1.759 million, based on their years of service. Bushrod was a fourth-round pick out of Towson in 2007. Strief was a seventh-round pick out of Northwestern in 2006.

Obviously that lower compensation level might make Bushrod more attractive to other teams. But if teams express interest in one or more of the Saints' tackles, they could try to work out a trade for any of them at a lesser price.

"Honestly, I don't even know how that all works, " Brown admitted, echoing a sentiment shared by many team officials, agents, players and fans in this new free agency landscape.

Does he plan to shop around in free agency and look for potential deals from other teams? "I haven't even thought about it, to be honest with you, " Brown said.

"The only thing I've thought about is going back in April and trying to be part of a dynasty."
So ... why is he here? Figured we'd better get ahead of that before the really cynical among us assume it's simply because the Saints don't think he can play any more. :)
I resent your preemptive strike on my cynicism Om! :)
This deal was speculated about months ago. Did patience on our FO's part actually drive the price down? Patience has NOT been the Skins' strong suit the past ten years but it sure seems to be paying off. Fingers crossed!
Ok, I think I've been as cynical as anyone about our moves this season.

So let me just say ... this is a heck of a move.

Heck of a move indeed.
I like this move a lot too. So is Williams still the LT or does he slide to the right side for his rookie season?
Who the hell ARE these Redskins? Sensible moves to acquire proven players at need positions for reasonable prices?

Why are they messing with us so? :)
Sort of freaky to us long-time fans...not quite sure how to react to such competence! :dizzy2:
Even though I think this is a great move, I'm not immune to concerns over using draft picks to bring in mid-career players. We're down to (I think) 6 picks for 2011 already. That's definitely a concern. That being said, it's difficult to criticize this particular move.
Well, they turned 4 pics this year into 6, so who knows how many they'll turn 6 into next year!
Well, they turned 4 pics this year into 6, so who knows how many they'll turn 6 into next year!

True - thought of that as well. Then again, how many could we turn a full year's complement of picks into?

Don't get me wrong - I have zero issue with this move - I think we're potentially getting tremendous value for the price. I'm not opposed in any way to the idea of getting proven, vet players for picks that might otherwise be spent on unknown quantities. I'm just recognizing that come next season (and season's beyond), moves like this definitely limit your team's ability to go young and build from the bottom up.

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