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PFT: Report: Haynesworth showed up, then ditched first week of offseason workouts


New Redskins coach Mike Shanahan said that he "wants [his] leaders" to participate in the offseason workout program. Though the question of whether defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth is among the team's "leaders" remains a subject for debate, Haynesworth showed up...

Fat Al said he doesn't do the "leader" thing. That's fine, as long as he shows up in shape. If he comes in like last year, I say we ditch him
I like how the article says Haynesworth is meeting Shanahan half way since he showed up to hear him speak, then left. Nice.

This seems like something Zorn would have tolerated. I was kinda hoping Shanny would put his foot down on this. Not exactly sure what "put his foot down" means, mind you. Though if he does show up for training camp fat and out of shape again, then yeah, I think we cut him while there aren't any salary cap ramifications.
What is the big deal? He's training with the same folks he trained with in his previous best seasons, trying to get in top shape. He cleared it with Shanny who's cool with it. Why are so many people overreacting?
I don't know, maybe because he was laying on the ground and having to be helped off the field every third play?
Now that's a non-sequitur!

Here he is trying to get into great shape and people are bitching and moaning.
Ummmm, i don't know how to feel about this. He was supposed to be "Getting in shape" last offseason when he worked out with his private trainer. Well how come he was so gased and out of shape during the season? I'm holding out some optimism that he will do the right thing. But i'm certain that Shanny would be highly disappointed if he's not in top form. I guess we'll see come training camp.
What choice does management have except to say they’re alright with this? This isn’t like the Portis situation. We are on the hook big time with Big Al, and like it or not he has the power at this stage of his contract. The thought that we could cut him or even trade him at this stage is pure fantasy IMO, even with the lack of the cap. It’s just too much money. Besides who knows what the rules will be after next season and how cutting him might affect us. We just have to cross our fingers and hope.

I see Albert as the ultimate symbol of the old regime. He’s clearly a talent, but he has several issues that hold him back from being a true great. It’s more than just talent alone.

Clearly not everyone is a leader, but is attending an off season workout program too much to ask? he has new coaches, new teammates and a new system. It would seem to me he’s not just avoiding the “leader” title but he’s casting off the good teammate title as well.

I guess it won’t matter if he comes in to next season in shape and starts being the dominant guy he’s capable of being. If he’s sucking wind after every play and doesn’t live up to billing then I think you can reasonably blame stuff like this.

You’re either on the bus or off the bus.
I don't know, maybe because he was laying on the ground and having to be helped off the field every third play?

He played a higher percentage of snaps than any other DT on our team. And among the most of other DTs in the rest of the league.

Haynesworth also participated in other first-day activities. But Haynesworth, who is determined to have a big year in 2010, comitted to an individual workout regime with a trainer before the Redskins' plans were set, according to the people with knowledge of the situation.

Haynesworth is following an intense offseason workout program under the guidance of the same trainer who helped him reach all-pro status during the 2007-08 seasons. Shanahan made it clear he wanted his "team leaders" to report to Ashburn for the conditioning program, and Haynesworth, who has talked with the team about his offseason schedule, believed it was important to be there on the first day. And Haynesworth is "gonna be around" the complex as the workouts progress, one of the sources said.

Nothing to worry about as far as I can tell.
The media is going to beat the Haynesworth/3-4/Redskins camp thing to death this offseason. I guess that is what happens when you are the 100million dollar man and/or you paid him that much.

I think these articles are pretty much avoidable until something solid happens, such as Al asking for a trade (which I don't think will happen), he shows up out of shape, or he plays like crap this season.

If he plays well this season, you will not hear about this. By playing well, I mean he better make the pro-bowl. Anything less in the media's eyes, and rightfully so being on how much he makes, would be complete failure.
I am watching ESPN do an analysis of the Tennessee Titans right now. They were just talking about their diminished pass rush over the past season even with players like Jevon Kearse and Kyle VandenBosch. Then you look at how our pass rush was ions better than it was the year before.

Now I am sure the loss of Jim Swartz played some part in the decline of their pass rush, but more importantly and how it relates to us is their loss and our addition of Big Al. His presence and performance on the field created so many opportunities for Andre Carter and Brian Orakpo and that was with Blache seemingly holding our D back.

I don't care what ESPN or any other media source says. I think that with his flailing around on the ground and being out of shape, Haynesworth still showed he is worthy of big money. Does he have more to prove? Yes! But between the Titans decline and our drastic improvement in the pass rush, I think it is obvious how valuable this man is. Carter was robbed of a Pro-Bowl and Orakpo earned one in large part because of the work Big Al did to create space for these guys to work.

I think if Big Al comes into camp in shape and ready to play football, he will prove his worth. But this attitude of doing it on his own is concerning! I like to hear he is motivated! But, I am not pleased to hear he is going against the wishes of his Head Coach. This does not bode well for Mike Shanahan's complete control of the team! It is prima dona stuff in my estimation!
^^That's what worries me. Shanahan has been pretty clear that he wants EVERYONE there, made a big deal that Portis especially would be there. I don't like the fact that one of his highest paid employees is already going against the coach's wishes.

Haynesworth wasn't a bust last season at all. The media didn't give him nearly enough credit, nor did they recognize that Carter had a career year with Haynesworth drawing so much attention. Having said that, my appetite is now whetted. I want to see what Big Al can do when in shape and motivated. He is worth a great deal of money (comparatively); now that we are giving it to him, hopefully finding a better scheme for him too, I want to see him earn it even more.

And stop pissing off the head coach. That would be nice.
If we could get a late first round pick for him I'd pull the trigger in a heartbeat. Fat Albert has loads of talent and yet he underachieves because he won't put in the 110% effort required to be great, rather than merely good enough. I could be wrong but I think we should unload him now while he's got value, because when his athletic ability starts to fade in a couple of years, he won't be willing to do what's required to extend his career, i.e. play NT and/or put in the work required to compensate for declining athletic ability.
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I would not be up for trading Big Al. Plus, no one would give up anything for that huge contract. Shoot, we would probably have to give him away. Maybe Tampa would be interested, but they are in a spot to draft their own stud DT.

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