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PFT: McNabb finds ESPN's reports "hilarious"


Most NFL organizations hate nothing more than to see their dirty laundry aired publicly.Whether they like it or not, it appears that the Mike Shanahan Redskins revel in it. Sources continue to come up with new and exciting ways to...

Of course, the possibility that the media just makes **** up isn't referenced.

Even though we know that's, in fact, exactly what they do at times :)
This drama seems largely fabricated to me.

Shanahan made a couple dopey excuses for an impulsive (and bad) decision. The media took them and spent hours over-analyzing them. Donovan laughs and thinks the whole thing is silly. The media refuses to relent.

I dunno. This seemed like a whole lot of nuthin last week, and it seems like a whole lot of nuthin this week.
This drama seems largely fabricated to me.

I agree. it's kinda pissing me off. you know...like Feinstein did on COMCAST the other day....the media is just itching to make a racial thing out of this. exactly what the Skins don't need.

DM may drive me nuts with his short passing game. but he understands "keep it in house" and is a real professional when dealing with the media....has my respect.
As usual a win will go a long way towards making all this fuss disappear. A win plus a good performance by McNabb and this is water under the bridge.

A loss and this will linger. A loss with poor play by McNabb and it festers. A loss, poor play by McNabb that results in his benching and the ****storm comes.

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