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PFT: Fatty's (Haynesworth's) Return to Redskins Nearing

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Lanky Livingston


Albert Haynesworth and the Redskins appear to be stuck with each other, largely because of the defensive tackle's monster contract.

Part of that contract requires him to be at this weekend's mandatory minicamp, or risk giving up 25% of this year's allocation for his signing bonus. There are also future guarantees in his deal that could void if Haynesworth doesn't show by Friday.

Considering the contentious relationship at play here, Haynesworth would be insane to give the Redskins any legal window to take his money. That's partly why NFL Network's Jason La Canfora reported Monday night that "all indications" are that Haynesworth will show up this weekend.

How the new Redskins coaching staff integrates Haynesworth to the team will be one of the big stories to watch this weekend and into training camp.
Also, here are a couple plays from the previous season that demonstrated Haynesworth's effectiveness in a 3-4 front (from Doug Farrar of Football Outsiders):

Biggest problem in 2009: The Haynesworth contract albatross

The Redskins’ Albert Haynesworth(notes) must adapt to the 3-4 defense.
(Fernando Medina-US Presswire)

The Washington Redskins have a long history of favoring expensive free agents over development through the NFL draft, and the franchise went all-out with the signing of former Titans defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth in February of 2009. The deal, which is worth $100 million over seven years, pays Haynesworth a guaranteed $41 million, including a $21 million option bonus he received in April of this year. When the Redskins wrote that particular check, the only remaining member of the front office was owner Daniel Snyder – after a disastrous campaign, Snyder cleaned house once again and brought head coach Mike Shanahan on board to run the football side of things. For his defensive coordinator, Shanahan hired Jim Haslett, a longtime coach who has put together many different kinds of defenses. Haslett will bring a 3-4 base defense to the nation’s capital, replacing former defensive coordinator Greg Blache’s 4-3. Four-man fronts are better for stat-conscious defensive tackles, and Haynesworth counts himself as one.


In defenses such as the one Haslett will run, there’s a two-gap nose tackle who is primarily responsible for soaking up blockers so that ends and linebackers can make plays around him. Thus, fewer sacks and fewer tackles. Haynesworth, who has always made plays on his own despite handling double and triple teams on every snap, feels betrayed by an organization that “promised” him one kind of defense and is now presenting him with quite another. After finding himself the subject of several trade rumors and antagonizing the new coaching staff with his absence from voluntary OTAs, it would appear that player and team are stuck with each other.

Haynesworth may be unhappy with the 3-4 concept, but when the Redskins went with a three-man front in 2009, he was still able to get past offensive linemen and make things happen. Two plays from Washington’s Week 15 loss to the Giants clued me into Haynesworth’s potential in a 3-4, and how the overall scheme might work under Haslett.

Click link for the rest of article.
Well, we'll soon see who was right, Fat Al or the media

Could be a long weekend
I think it's funny that you thought you had to put (Haynesworth) in the title. We all would've known who you were talking about.

I'm approaching the end of my patience with this guy, but we'll see. If he lays off the dirt pizzas this year, maybe i'll come around
heh, boysroll is a bigger cowturd troll than Vox vagina is over there Mike. I've given him what for too and yes it's child's play, literally. :)

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