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PFT: Clinton Portis earns offseason praise, for once


Redskins running back Clinton Portis' disdain for practicing is well documented. He does not like the offseason program, and typically is averse to in-season practicing as well. Portis also has admitted that he wasn't a big fan of former Skins head...

I hope you're right, Mike. Personally, I just don't see him lasting a full season. But I do hope you're right.
I'm no PFT fan, but I didn't read any negative editorial connotations into the concussions comment. Guys who get serious concussions are at greater risk of getting them again--it's a truism that I think you almost can't NOT mention when it comes to a veteran.

On the other hand, Florio and his band of merry men are turds. So who knows. :cool:
"for once"
"wont stop him from getting concussions"

they could just say "Clinton Portis is getting rave reviews for his workout practices blah blah blah" without the sideways BS.

I think its just that site's negative ways that makes me instantly think the worst of them.
Not to argue the point--the idea of defending PFT causes me pain--but I still think you may be bringing a little too much preconception to this one brother.

The "won't stop him from getting concussions" part I acknowledge is editorial, but like I said before, I think it's entirely appropriate in a piece speculating on the likelihood the guy can be a factor for 16 games.

I'll be damned if I can find the "for once" part you quote though. Show me?

Redskins running back Clinton Portis' disdain for practicing is well documented. He does not like the offseason program, and typically is averse to in-season practicing as well. Portis also has admitted that he wasn't a big fan of former Skins head coach Jim Zorn.

According to the Washington Post, Portis "was energized by the firing" of Zorn and subsequent hiring of old Denver pal Mike Shanahan. Under Shanahan, Portis has reportedly turned over a new leaf.

People familiar with the tailback's thinking tell the Post that Portis is "determined" to prove that he can be a 1,500-yard back again. He is fully expected to beat out Larry Johnson and Willie Parker for the starting job after an offseason in which Portis "surprised many in the organization with his positive outlook and hard work."

Portis has reportedly also shed weight, and is down to 217 after playing above 230 pounds last season.

Trimming down, of course, won't decrease the probability of Portis suffering more concussions. Portis wasn't medically cleared to resume practicing at minicamps until April. He was placed on injured reserve last December.

Despite the Post's glowing praise, we'd hesitate to expect a rebound year from Portis. He is coming off an injury-ruined season and ranks fourth among active running backs in career carries. Consider him an extreme long shot to make it through 16 games.
I have to admit ... I kinda agree.

I don't expect CP to hoist a 20-25 carry/game load, and I wouldn't have even if Johnson wasn't here. I think CP's days of carrying the load with any consistency may be over. I do expect he'll be effective in spots and probably turn in a handful of 100 yard games ... but as of today, given the step I do think he's lost (that isn't all related to the extra weight he was carrying) plus the serious concussion thing still being a big X factor heading into camp, I'm not seeing a 1200-1500 yard back there. Add to that the presence of Johnson, Parker and/or The Kid, and my gut tells me we're looking at maybe half that.

Here's hoping I have no idea what I'm talking about.
Portis is going to have a pretty good season IMO. I expect in the end Johnson will take much more of the load then we expect.

I also have a feeling that the Skins will have 4 RBs on the roster in order to lessen Clinton's load or have a back up plan if he gets injured.
To be honest I think this will be Portis’ last year with the team regardless of what type of season he has. He’ll be another year older, will likely cost a lot to keep in comparison with drafting a replacement and as Shanahan has proven time and again he doesn’t need a traditional type of premier back (read big money back) for the running game to work in his system. Take those factors in with my thinking that there is going to be some sort of work stoppage after this season and the deck starts to get stacked.

As to the concussion issue; I speak from experience on that subject. I’ve had 3 confirmed: one from a football hit, one from a motorcycle accident and the latest from a 2x4. They’ve gotten easier to get (at least it has seemed so) and my reactions to them more severe with each successive incident (no doubt about this part). He gets one more shot to the head from some strong safety and his career is over. Who would blame him for walking away?

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