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PFT: Baldinger blasts McNabb


Plenty of people have had plenty to say about the Eagles' decision to trade quarterback Donovan McNabb to the team's division rivals in D.C.Few have been as outspoken in favor of the Philly side of the equation as Brian Baldinger...

You don't keep around a QB for 11 years who is "flawed," and that you have to cover up his bad play. Also, a "flawed" player does not take you to 5 NFC Championship games. Brian Baldinger just might be the stupidest man alive, actually.
Ballicker is a Skins hater from waaaaaay back. His opinion means nothing
Balldinger is a perfect example of an ex-jock who shouldn't be in the broadcast business. He just needs to go away.
We shall see. I don't value his opinion that highly on this, or anything else for that matter. Still, any move you make like this is going to come with a certain degree of uncertainty attached to it. The Eagles almost had to make this move because of the contract situation.

I think the notion that Andy Reid was so good over the years at covering up McNabb's deficiencies is a bit of a laugher. What coach doesn't try to maximize his player's ability and put them in a position to excel? So I guess what he's saying is that Andy Reid is a better coach than Mike Shanahan? Ok, I disagree, but ok. I think he'll fit in just fine in DC and I think Shanahan will find a way to maximize his abilities. That's what good coaches do.

For all of the things the Eagle organization has done right over the years they have made their share of mistakes as well. The lack of a legitimate #1 receiver for much of McNabb's prime was just plain dumb. Recently the lack of any power running option has hurt them. Through all of this nonsense the only consistent factor had been Jim Johnson, McNabb and to me what seems as a somewhat arrogant front office. Jim is gone now and so is McNabb. I think he did about as much as could be asked with the weapons he had around him.

Glad to see "Baldy" has a grasp on the playoff picture though seeing as how it's early April and all.
:bucktooth:Ball licker....that's funny..I don't like him at all but pay ignorance no mind.

let's see:

#2 draft pick traded for Daunte Culpepper when he was coming off reconstructive knee surgery.

#1, #2 and #3 draft picks sent to Minnesota for Brad Johnson

#2 draft choice sent to Philly for AJ Feeley

#3 draft choice sent to Green Bay for Brett Favre

All of these moves were made by teams hoping to acquire a veteran passer who could stabilize their offense.

Now, compare the compensation provided to what the Redskins gave up for a healthy Donovan McNabb and tell me the Redskins got hosed in this deal :laugh: :laugh:
Everyone knows I'm skeptical of this trade but the notion that Reid was covering McNabb's flaws is idiotic. If your QB is flawed to that degree you don't spend 11 years leading the league in pass plays. If your QB is flawed you don't give him nobodies to throw too year in and year out. That's not covering for him. That's leaning on him, probably too much.

Again, I'm skeptical as hell about all things Redskins these days, but even I'll give Shanahan enough credit to know not to ignore the run the way the Eagles have during McNabb's entire career in Philly.

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