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Pet Peeves & OCDs


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Apr 1, 2011
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We all have plenty. Some are petty, some are justified, but mostly petty and pointless aggravations when you get down to it.

I just went up to Wawa and almost got side swiped by a driver doing something that I see every single day, multiple times, and it makes me wish I was in a bumper car so I could slam into them. What I'm talking about, is the jackasses who are apparently either too retarded to grasp simple physics, or they are just that bad of a driver, that they feel the need to swerve out into the next lane before they turn.

I literally see this almost every time I watch someone make a turn. In a U-turn scenario, I can understand that every extra inch could mean the difference between a clean U-turn and turning it into a 3 point pain in the ass. But when you are making a simple turn, why the swerve into traffic that could get someone killed? I just don't get it. It does absolutely nothing, other than needlessly put other drivers at risk. Especially since more often than not, it isn't subtle. It usually involves them crossing the line by several inches or feet, directly impeding traffic. I know it seems petty, but every time one of them almost hits me, I wish I could clip them just for effect lol.

So there's one of my biggest pet peeves. Almost all of my pet peeves involve something about driving, but this is the one that bothers me the most.

The biggest OCD that I have that people constantly point out to me, is excessive hand washing. I don't mean frequently, I mean obsessively. Most people, from what I have read and heard, generally only wash their hands 3-5 times a day. Mostly before meals or after using the bathroom.
I take it many, many steps farther than that. The first thing I do after I wake up and get the morning piss out of the way, is wash my hands. Any time during the day that I touch a door knob, I do it again. Before and after every meal, I wash my hands. Every time I touch or pick up anything off the floor, I do it again. If I touch the trash can, whether to move it or throw something away, I wash my hands again. I guess it would be safe to assume that on an average day, I wash my hands roughly every 15 minutes, all day long.

The funny thing is, I get teased by friends and family about it constantly. But the joke is on them, because guess who rarely gets sick? :D

On average, most people I know get sick 2-3 times a year. In the last decade, whether simple cold or the flu, I have been sick 3 times. And I'm not what you would call a healthy person. I also make it a point to never touch my face unless I'm washing it. So laugh all you want, and I'll make sure I keep washing my hands, since you'll be too sick to drive yourself to the doctor :laugh:
Pet peeve: Someone starting 3-5 new threads every day! :betterwink:
Pet peeve: Someone starting 3-5 new threads every day! :betterwink:
Touche. That's strikingly similar to my pet peeve of people contributing nothing to a thread ;) To be fair though, I've only started more than one thread in a day 8 times. I've also gone over a week with no thread a few times. It's all about accuracy my man :D I start exactly 0.54 threads per day.

On topic, I have a newly developed pet peeve that I have realized in the last few days that makes my skin crawl. Nancy Grace referring to Casey Anthony as "Tot Mom."

Ever since Casey was arrested, Nancy Grace has constantly thrown the moniker in every chance she gets, to the point of abuse. The funny thing is, I think she started excessively using it in hopes that it would catch on, but it never did. Mainly because it's stupid, partly because she's not Chris Berman.

It bugs me even more now, because even though it hasn't caught on at all with anybody in three years, she still does it. She's gotten so bad now, that she no longer even says "Tot Mom Casey Anthony." She just leaves it at Tot Mom now, like it's her actual name.

Speaking of Chris Berman, everything about him is a pet peeve. He contributes nothing to sportcasting. THe only thing we have to thank him for are things like backbackbackbackback.....gone, and the endless barrage of ridiculous nicknames every athlete now feels entitled to have. What ever happened to earning a nickname? As far as that goes, how is ARod a nickname?
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I figure if I ramble enough, I will lull you into accepting my version of everything :laugh: It's a submission technique.

They call that attrition.

[uh-trish-uhn] Show IPA
a wearing down or weakening of resistance, especially as a result of continuous pressure or harassment:

And some would say my first post did contribute to the thread. :laugh:

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