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Perhaps Only Some Change?


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Jul 19, 2009
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Bethesda Md
I read it in one of the blogs quickly this morning but it sat with me the rest of the day.

what if Allen comes to the conclusion that only SOME changes are needed?

If you scrap the WCO and move back to a balanced rush attack with downfield passing attack Jason Campbell might be just the quarterback for the new system. Devin Thomas and Santana Moss may be the productive in-house pairing at WR. You can scheme in some two TE sets to get the ball to both Cooley and Davis.

On offense that means looking for a younger, faster back to carry the load and a focus on rebuilding the OL.

The defense meanwhile has had a number of major additions both younger picks and vets and some tweaking may be all that is necessary here.

We need a free safety so Landry can move down in the box and we need to consider CB if Rogers and Smoot depart.

We also need depth at LB and a SAM figuring that Orakpo is and will be a DE.

A change to being more aggressive on D and applying greater blitz pressure would seem to be in order but I wonder if a consistent pass rush and revamped team of corners would carry Blache in that direction if he were retained?
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I'm hoping to write a blog piece that touches on this notion, bulldog. Something about babies and bathwater. I think it may have a lot to do with why Snyder made the move NOW, with three games left.

Allen, and maybe whoever else will be here that is "in place" and we just don't know it yet (Shanahan?) can scout the team and get a feel heading into the offseason of just what direction they need to go.

They may decide the roster is broken and needs a total overhaul---one could make that case, particularly given the OL situation. But they may also decide that a pretty good base of raw material is already here and opt to streamline (like maybe dump the preposterous square-peg-round-hole WCO experiment that I think will ultimately be Vinny epitaph) and tweak (if you can call rebuilding 3 or 4/5 of the OL a "tweak") what's here with an eye toward hitting the ground running in 2010.

Tell you one thing ... the offseason just got a LOT more interesting.
As for defense, I am not quite sure what to think. Blache has consistently kept his defenses atop the league but I have to admit I have grown weary of watching good QB's pick this zone scheme apart.
It may happen that way

I think if you are bringing in Shanahan, you'll see the need for more O-lineman and the fast back. I think Shanny can work with Campbell and keep similar terminology

On D, I am still not sure
Tell you one thing ... the offseason just got a LOT more interesting.

Interesting off-seasons are not our problem. :)

Here's to an interesting next season.
I read it in one of the blogs quickly this morning but it sat with me the rest of the day.

what if Allen comes to the conclusion that only SOME changes are needed?

I like how you say maybe it will only be viewed as SOME changes are needed and then proceed to rattle off changes needed on the O line, running back, safety, corner back, plus depth in the linebacking corps. That's more than just some minor tweaking, and more than can be accomplished in one draft (especially when we don't even have a 3rd round pick) or likely one offseason. While maybe not a complete teardown, it is still a significant overhaul.
I don't think we need to gut the WHOLE thing. We have some good, young core players. But I think the scouting department could use a little fresh blood and obviously the "Keep the danny in his office" department needs to be beefed up as well
Well, for what we paid out for Albert Haynesworth we could have acquired an entire offensive line in free agency :)

So, I think having an experienced GM with a track record will result in the Redskins getting some VALUE in their free agent signings and draft picks.

Allen is not going to trade a #2 pick for a 34 year old Jason Taylor to play LDE in a traditional 4-3 as Vinny Cerrato did.

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