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Per Rich Campbell: Kyle Shanahan Update


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Mar 30, 2010
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Per Rich, Kyle says he "definitely" would be interested in interviewing for head coaching jobs.

Kyle says he won't interview while the Redskins are still alive in the playoffs. He's looking forward to any opportunity after.


So....is he just trying to get paid big by Dan......or is he serious?
Much like in Atlanta, as soon as a team asks for permission, Dan will open the checkbook.
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I think he's just saying what he's supposed to say.

He didn't leave Houston to come here to leave in 3 years to start over somewhere else.
Per Rich Tandler @rich_tandlerCSN
"Kyle Shanahan said he'd be interested in a head job but doesn't have an agent and doesn't answer his phone."
No way he'd leave. Not after getting Griff, Morris, etc. and knowing damn well he has the job here as soon as daddy is done.
Hard to imagine him leaving just when things are getting good with his dad and what lays ahead with RG. I wonder if things continue to go well if Mike hands over the reigns when his 5 are up. If Mike plans on coaching past this contract, it would make sense for Kyle to consider any opportunities. Kyle's proving he's a good O coordinator, but that doesn't always translate to good Head Coach material. I don't know how he's viewed in that regard.
I saw a Tweet from an NFL Insider, forget which one, but he said the feeling league-wide was that Shanahan would get a lot of attention as a candidate and get some interviews, but was a long-shot for an actual job.
I don't know how everyone else feels but I see this as nothing but a good chance for Kyle to get some interview experience. He's really young and I'm sure the interviews would help him long term. I have no worries whatsoever about him going somewhere else. Just seems like a good opportunity for him to see how people without famous coach dad's get their jobs.

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