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Per PFT Artis Hicks a Redskin, Tony Pashos not so much

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Jul 15, 2009
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Sounds like we have a new RG.
The Washington Redskins and free agent guard Artis Hicks have reached a contract agreement.

PFT's Mike Florio reports that the Redskins and Hicks, who played the last four years for the Vikings, have agreed on a three-year deal.

For the Vikings, it's the second straight day that they've lost an unrestricted free agent, following the departure of running back Chester Taylor on Friday. As one of the final four teams (along with the Saints, Colts and Jets), the Vikings can only sign as many unrestricted free agents as they lose, so Minnesota could now add two unrestricted free agents.

For the Redskins, the signing of Hicks is the latest reminder that -- contrary to the expectations of some -- they're not going hog wild spending Daniel Snyder's money on big-name free agents in an uncapped year. Coach Mike Shanahan would rather build for the long run by adding solid veterans like Hicks, rather than try to put together an all-star team of high-priced free agents.

Nobody else so far has reported the story.....looking for confirmation.

Update 1: Burgundy Burner reporting that both Hicks and Pashos are signed.

Update 2: Rick Maese, of The Washington Post, reports the Washington Redskins have signed unrestricted free-agent OG Artis Hicks (Vikings) and OT Tony Pashos (49ers). Terms of the contracts were not disclosed.

Update 3: Pashos is not a Skin as of now, Maese retracted story.
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Yes, Tony Pashos is signed too.

PFT now has it. So does Maese. And so on.
Maese, PFT, RI, all backtrack - No Pashos deal. He is on his way to Cleveland.

Ah well.
profile on Hicks:

profile on Pashos.

sadly, Walterfootball.com doesn't think much of either Pashos or Hicks.

Stephon Heyer is ranked higher.

I'm confused somewhat, Hicks is listed as a Guard by some and a Tackle by others. Scout.com thinks Jansen and Heyer is a better tackle than Hicks.
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I'm not sure the FO is necessarily bringing in starters. It sounds to me like they are bringing in class guys with experience, to fight it out amongst themselves.

May the best men win..........
I don't really find it credible that Hicks if healthy is going in to the spring and summer in dogfight with Chad Rinehart or Will Montgomery to earn time. I think some folks here have it backwards - the Redskins signed Hicks for an incentived deal at $9M to be the starter and for Mike Williams to be the experienced backup.

I think Rinehart could find himself out of work after the draft and the minicamps.
You may be right, BT. Altho I don't believe the FO is going to bring in a guy who has started less than 27% of the games played in the last 3 years, to have the job locked down. As has been said before, it's going to be an open competition. I don't believe there will be any guarantees.
I don't believe there will be any guarantees.

I think you hit the nail on the head. In fact, I think that maybe, at the least, this is part of the reason we are seeing guys like Clifton and Pashos leave without contracts. They are looking not only for the money but for a definite commitment to being a starter at their position and they aren't getting that from the Redskins coaches.
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It's GOTTA be all about the Benjamins when a guy actually leaves Redskins Park to go to Cleveland. Ah well, Pashos must not have impressed Shanahan and Allen enough to keep him from leaving or he didn't like not having a guaranteed starting job. I'd rather have a guy who's hungry than a guy who wants it handed to him on a silver platter.
let's not forget though that for Shanahan pass protection is the name of the game at OT. Pashos even for a RT is know really more when healthy as a guy that helps in the run game. He is spotty in pass protection.

In the end, it may be that based on the tape Shanahan feels that for 2010 it may be both cheaper but a better fit to resign Levi Jones.

Again, Jones has been a LT for most of his career. I wonder if Foerster and Shanahan discussed switching Jones to RT in the new offense?
I agree with Neophyte. Anyways, I would not want any player here that is not willing to fight for their job. The NFL is all about competition, if you do not want to fight for it, well maybe you're in the wrong business.

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