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Pats/Skins Preseason History (who knew?)


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Apr 11, 2009
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Was doing a little recon on the Patriots (if you haven't taken advantage of the NFL Spy feature on the home page, you're missing out ;) ) and ran across this Series History against the Skins on their official site.

Some interesting tidbits in there ... like for one, that the Redskins are the team NE has played more in preseason than any other NFL team. Huh.



The New England Patriots and Washington Redskins will meet for the 20th time in the preseason, with New England holding an 12-7 advantage in the previous 19 contests. The Patriots have played Washington more times in the preseason than any other NFL team, with 19 previous preseason games between the clubs. The Patriots' 12 preseason victories over the Redskins are their highest total over any preseason opponent. The Patriots have won four straight preseason games against Washington and have won seven of the last nine preseason games in the series. The team's last faced off against each other in the preseason in 2006 with the Patriots taking a 41-0 victory in Washington's first-ever visit to Gillette Stadium. The two team's last played in the regular-season on October 28, 2007 with New England taking the contest, 52-7.


The Patriots and Redskins, despite frequent preseason matchups, have met just eight times in regular-season play. The Patriots' eight games against Washington are the second fewest against any team that entered the league prior to the most recent era of expansion, which began with the entry of the Jaguars and Panthers to the NFL in 1995.


The Patriots are 35-29 (.547) in the preseason since Robert Kraft purchased the team in 1994. New England has had a winning record in eight seasons since Kraft purchased the team.


Bill Belichick has compiled an overall record of 32-27 (.542) as a head coach in the preseason, including a 21-18 (.538) mark as Patriots head coach.


Patriots Senior Football Advisor Floyd Reese and Redskins offensive line coach Joe Bugel both worked for the Detroit Lions in 1975. Reese was the team's strength and conditioning coach and Bugel was the team's offensive line coach.

Patriots CB Shawn Springs played for the Seattle Seahawks when Redskins head coach Jim Zorn was the offensive assistant in 1997 and the quarterbacks' coach in Seattle from 2000-2003.

Patriots rookie LS Jake Ingram and Redskins QB Colt Brennan were teammates at the University of Hawaii from 2005-2006. Brennan attended Worcester Academy for one year in Worcester, Massachusetts before his first year of college.

Patriots rookie OL Sebastian Vollmer and Redskins RB Anthony Alridge were teammates at the University of Houston from 2006-2007.

Redskins QB Todd Collins is a native of Walpole, Massachusetts and attended Walpole High School.

Redskins LB Alfred Fincher is a native of Norwood Massachusetts and attended Norwood High School.

Patriots LB Tully Banta-Cain and Redskins DE Andre Carter were teammates at the University of California from 1998-2000.

Patriots S Brandon Meriweather and Redskins rookie DT Antonio Dixon were teammates at the University of Miami (Fla.) from 2005-2006. Patriots NT Vince Wilfork and Redskins LB Rocky McIntosh were also teammates at Miami from 2001-2003

Patriots LB Pierre Woods and Redskins rookie CB Doug Dutch were teammates at the University of Michigan in 2005.

Patriots rookie WR Terrence Nunn and Redskins rookie LB Cody Glenn were teammates at the University of Nebraska from 2004-2007.

Patriots WR Matthew Slater and Redskins S Chris Horton were teammates at the University of California- Los Angeles from 2004-2007.

Patriots LB Eric Alexander and Redskins S LaRon Landry were teammates at Louisiana State University in 2004.

Patriots LB Shawn Crable and Redskins G Rueben Riley were teammates at the University of Michigan from 2004-2006.

Patriots rookie QB Brian Hoyer and Redskins WR Devin Thomas were teammates at Michigan State University in 2006.

Patriots TE David Thomas and Redskins OT Mike Williams were teammates at the University of Texas in 2004.

Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick was raised in Annapolis, Md.

Patriots TE Benjamin Watson and Redskins DT Kedric Golston both played at Georgia from 2002-03

Patriots T Ryan O'Callaghan and Redskins DT Lorenzo Alexander were on the same University of California team from 2002-03.

Patriots Quarterbacks coach Bill O'Brien coached running backs at the University of Maryland from 2003- 04.

Patriots Strength & Conditioning Coach Mike Woicik was born in Baltimore, Md.

Patriots T Nick Kaczur and Redskins K Shaun Suisham are both from Ontario, Canada.

Patriots RB Fred Taylor and Redskins DE Renaldo Wynn both played for the Jacksonville Jaguars from 1998-2001. Taylor continued to play with the Jaguars through the 2008 season.

Patriots LB Adalius Thomas and Redskins C Casey Casey both played for the Baltimore Ravens from 2001-2004.

Patriots S Tank Williams and Redskins DT Albert Haynesworth were teammates when they both played for the Tennessee Titans from 2002-2005.
Patriots WR Joey Galloway and Redskins DE Phillip Daniels both played for the Seattle Seahawks from 1996-1999.

Patriots LB Vinny Ciurciu and Redskins OL Will Montgomery both played for the Carolina Panthers in 2006.


How'd you like to be the guy/gal with the job of tracking down/typing up all those "connections" every week. The glamorous life of an NFL web guy, baby.

Aston Gambino

They forgot the most obvious connection.

Chris Cooley was in Ghosts Don't Exist with Ed Mantell who was in War of the Worlds with Bill Richards who was in Mystic River with Kevin Bacon, as well as Ed O'Keefe, who was in Stuck On You with Tom Brady.

Boo ya! :cool3:

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Aug 3, 2009
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It's odd how they mentioned Shawn Springs' time in Seattle with Jim Zorn but not the five years he played for the Redskins.

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