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Our Fight with cancer


A few of you know what has been going on the past few months with Mrs Sarge. Others have asked "Where the hell is Sarge?".

Well, for those of you that don't know, last Dec Mrs Sagre was diagnosed with Lymphoma. God I'm coming to hate that word. It's stage 1, meaning it is only in one lymphnod, but it's in her chest. Not the best place to be.

She's been on light chemo since Dec and she's been a real trooper. Gotten up, gone to work and has been more concerned about me and the kids than she was herself. She's done all she can to make things "normal". That's the kind of person I married 23 years ago.

Yesterday we had a bit of a set back. The chemo she has been on once every three weeks has stopped working. We were riding high for awhile because intially it was doing great, the tumor shank over 51%. But her last scan revealed that it has stopped shrinking and has regrown just a bit.


We are now looking at having to do more toxic chemo and having a stem cell transplant at the end of it all at UVa. We go there next week to get started.

I don't know why I'm blurting this out to the world. Therapy I guess. For the first time since I went to Afganistan 11 years ago, I find myself slightly scared, although I can't show it around the family. Gotta be "The Rock" you know. Always positive, always saying it's going to be beaten. I still beleive that, but for the first time I find myself seriously considering the worse case.

I know a few of you have told me that you've gone thru the cancer deal with folks you know. I'm not looking for anyone's sympathy, but maybe some advice or words of wisdom from folks who've been down this road further than I.

Thanks guys
Sending prayers your way Sarge. I hope and pray everything turns out well for you.
Keep us updated Sarge. Y'all are in our thoughts and prayers. She's a fighter and that is a good thing. My father chose to not fight it and I still think it was the wrong decision to this very day. Prayer is a powerful weapon in our personal battles and you have the support of friends here. Again, keep us updated.
In the immortal words of Henry: I hate cancer.

I've seen a couple people of my parent's generation go from cancer. No cancer is good, but some is beatable and it sounds like they caught your wife's early making the prognosis much better.

Good luck and best wishes for a complete elimination of your wife's ********.
Keep us updated Sarge. Y'all are in our thoughts and prayers. She's a fighter and that is a good thing. My father chose to not fight it and I still think it was the wrong decision to this very day. Prayer is a powerful weapon in our personal battles and you have the support of friends here. Again, keep us updated.

My father did the same thing. He found out he had renal cancer in October and did not see his doctor again until a few days before Christmas. We did not find out until late January and he passed in February.

Sarge, my prayers have been with you since you informed me a few weeks back. I will continue to pray for you and your wife.
Sarge...when you set out to do anything in life...what's your first thought? you're gonna succeed. you and your better half are gonna beat this. no doubt about it.
As previously mentioned, sending good thoughts you and your wife's way Jay! My parents went half a century without significant health issues, and were both diagnosed with cancer within months of each other. A tough time for my family. One thing I've learned is that medical science is as much art as pure science. Don't believe everything you're told. Best wishes for your wife's full recovery.

And thanks for sharing. It's not required, but you are among friends here.
Hi Sarge,
I am very sorry to hear what your family is having to endure right now. Cancer of any type is not a good experience for anyone (and their loved ones) to go through. I lost an aunt to breast cancer, and have a girlfriend right now fighting a very aggressive form of breast cancer at a young age. I have also had a couple relatives survive other forms of cancer.

In all of these cases, everyone chose to fight. While outcomes varied, chosing to battle the cancer is the first step to success. It sounds like your wife has a lot of fight and spirit in her and I am a firm believer that a fighting spirit is a valuable component to the cancer fight.

I guess the only advice I have (which really isn't advice, just some encouragment on my part :) ) is to stay strong and continue to support your wife in every way you can. Explore all options and make sure you get a variety of expert input on her case.

Best wishes to you, your wife, and her family. :)
Sarge, I just wanted to let you know my thoughts and absolute best wishes are with you and Mrs. Sarge. She sounds like a strong person herself as well-a fighter like her husband-that's a strong plus.
You are both in my prayers Sarge.

Both of my parents beat cancer, and one of my best friends has just beaten it. I'm optimistic that your wife will beat it too.
Sending good thoughts/vibes your way, bud. I have seen first hand what a bastard cancer is - my best friend's dad died from stomach cancer. Just stay positive, eat natural and healthy (all organic, no pesticides), and try to laugh a lot.
I like the Chris Cooley design:

Thinking about you and your wife today Sarge!
Thanks guys. Unfortunately, the first chemo didn't get rid of all of the tumor, so we're going to NIH to start a chemo with a little more kick. Wish us luck.
I'm so, so sorry to hear that. I know you must be heartbroken. I lost my Dad 2 weeks ago, and while that probably can't compare with what you are going through, I certainly can empathize with you. If there is anything we can do for you, don't hesitate to ask. We will all think good thoughts for you and your family brother.

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Jay, I'm so terribly sorry to hear the news. I had been thinking of your family often since you first told us about your wife's illness and had been hoping that no news was good news. I'll be sending good thoughts your way and keeping you and your family in my prayers.

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