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Orakpo our only pro-bowler

I feel so bad for London. He plays 100% all the time. Congrats to Rak though.

Didn't really expect anyone else to make it off this sorry squad
with the run of bad luck this team has had this season, it's no surprise london was snubbed again. seems like the league has always snubbed our mainstay tree stumps like terp alum Neal Olkewicz and the late great Tank McLinton.
It's just plain ridiculous that London didn't make it. I'm so sick of these chest-beaters making it over him. :mad:
We're lucky we got one.
This really highlights the problems with the Pro Bowl process, IMHO. Orakpo had some great sack numbers but nearly all of them came from the RDE position, not the OLB position he is listed as playing and got nominated for. In fact, his play at OLB has been solid for a rookie but unspectacular and the coaching staff has worked hard at keeping him out of situations where he might be exposed.

Frankly, I think some other OLB got left off so a DE playing out of position could be recognized.
Well, I think Orakpo making the pro bowl locks up DROY.
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Glad for Orakpo, feel terrible for Fletcher.

I swear he's the "Art Monk" of the current Redskins.
Fletcher not only should be a multi-time pro-bowler, but I think he should be a HOFer as well.
Cushing made it also.

Rak vs. Cush for DROY.

Yeah, I am glad to see Orakpo make it, but I think Cushing has shown he is a better all around linebacker.

As far as Fletcher, I saw Vilma made it as a MLB over him, I just don't understand it. I can see how Carter may have gotten the squeeze going up against the likes of Jared Allen and Trent Cole both play on playoff teams.
NFL should be ashamed to never have Fletcher in the Pro Browl, but I guess that's life.

Big congrats to Orakpo though, he definitely deserved it.
What impresses me more is how humble Orakpo is. Noticed how much credit he gave Fletcher and how we would trade places with him if possible.

Conrats to Orakpo, our first rookie Pro Bowler since 70's.
I think Carter should have made it in addition to Fletcher. I guess I shouldnt be surprised that neither did.
I think Carter should have made it in addition to Fletcher. I guess I shouldnt be surprised that neither did.

I think Carter made a case for himself as well, but the last 2 games did nothing to cement it. Not to mention, Carter was going up against guys like Jared Allen and Trent Cole.

Fletcher on the other hand was going up against Vilma and Willis. I know Willis deserves it because he is the NFL leading tackler, but Vilma isn't even in the top 10...Fletcher is tied for 2nd!

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