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Open Letter To Mike Shanahan



Dear Mike Shanahan,

Today you did your weekly press conference. You were asked about what you thought about Robert’s comments and you gave your typical say-nothing answer. It took me a while to realize, but you dropped the ball. You missed a golden opportunity to do quite a few things right; namely growing a sack and backing up your quarterback when he needs someone with real credibility to stand by him while every media hack and former player across the country takes pot shots at him.

I’ve taken the liberty of re-wording your response. It is below. Please feel free to use it next time you’re asked about his struggles on the field, in the locker room, and with the media; or the next time you realize that you have some nuts hanging out between your legs.

“Alright, I realize that while you’re the one that asked the question you’re not the only one talking about this. So when you hear my response keep in mind it’s directed at everyone in this room not just you.

“Back the **** off of Robert. He’s a 2nd year quarterback coming back from a serious, major knee surgery after leading his team, this organization, to a division championship for the first time in 13 years. You don’t think he knows he’s struggling this year? That he doesn’t know that all eyes are on him, that hopes were very high coming into the season? He’s having a bad year. Robert knows that.

“The whole damn team is having a bad year. The defensive line can’t get pressure or fill holes. The linebackers can’t cover anyone or get any sacks. The secondary can’t cover anyone; the only thing they’ve done right is keep people from going over the top on us. The offensive line couldn’t block an inanimate object at this point. The receivers aren’t running their routes right, they aren’t lining up right, and they aren’t catching the ball when it matters most. Our punter can’t punt, our kicker can’t kick, and our special teams can’t block or tackle. The 2 running backs and fullback are the only ones I have no complaints about at this point in the season.

“Yeah, Robert is having a bad year. So are the other 49 players on the roster. And honestly, so is the coaching staff. There’s a ton of room for improvement on this team, from the front office and coaching staff down through the roster.
“But if you want to keep taking your shots at him, then go right ahead. You all complain about how coaches and players give you non-answers then when they try to give you real answers you lambast them for the next 6 days until they get a chance to defend themselves again. Robert is trying his damnedest to be a professional while being open to you, and this is how you treat him.

“And this is all for your sake, not mine; not Robert’s. I probably won’t be here in 5 or 10 years, but Robert will. And he won’t care if you’re not getting your quotes. He’ll be treating you at that time based on how you treat him now. You want him to clam up and give company-line 4 or 5 word responses? You want him to talk to you the way I talk to you? Then keep on writing your articles.

“You’ll program him right into it. He’s smart, it won’t take long. Just make sure you own it when it happens. Don’t sit back and write a bunch of crap about how he won’t give an interview or good quotes anymore; about how he hides stuff from you.

“Back the **** off.”

Then leave the press conference.


Someone that wants to see this organization get its **** together for once.

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